Youth Violence

Involved in youth violence? If not then people should know about it. It is a serious problem. This year’s generation is our new future. In the past three decades youth violence has escalated dramatically, yet punishment hasn’t been addressed fully.
Murder is becoming a serious problem in the youth. Of the twenty thousand people arrested for Murder, two thousand of them were juveniles. Each year the U.S. has received ten or more youths are convicted of murder. Once the youth found out that they could sell what the victims had. Murder increased more than ever.
When you’ve got it, you’ve got the power. It doesn’t matter whether your big or small. You’ve got the power. There are kids who think it’s not only appropriate to bring firearms to campus, but necessary. A gun is like a piece of clothing to some people. Without it, they feel “naked”.
Teenage gun use is increasing. An outstanding number of children own a gun or know how to get one. There are a high number of kids who are arming themselves. Many young people have been caught up in a circle of weapon packing, to protect them. One of the hardest task to do is get guns away from children.
Some kill people for no reason. Once in Washington, a eighteen year old got in a cab. The shot the driver in the head. The guy said he wanted to try out his gun. Also hate crimes have been a problem. Our nation is moving toward two societies. One black and one white – separate and unequal.
Punishment for youth violence should be mild, but harsh enough to teach them not to do it again. Some people say they should get a death sentence. They say they can’t find any other ways to punish kids, so they give them a death sentence. Most victim relatives want a death sentence, but have had to wait a long time on trial. While some kids have been filed for execution at the ages of ten to twelve years of age.
There are a lot of ways of preventing youth violence. One way is for the kid to go to pre-school. It’s the most effective…

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