Women’s Service Center: Business Plan


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                This is a paper that outlines the major issues to be addressed in the start expenses for the proposed business. This was the presented scenario: being a Nurse Practitioner and hoping to start up a Women’s  Service Health Center, develop a workable business plan for the Women’s Service Health Center. This will be presented to a bank or venture capital group so as to get finances for the business. The plan will have sufficient details and overview so as to enable the reader get accurate picture of the nature of the new business. The services to be provided in this Women’s Service Center include prenatal services, birthing solutions, and care from puberty and menopause. The presented part in the paper is start up expenses and capital requirements.

Overview: Women’s Service Health Center
This is a proposed company, Women Health Center, that will be providing health-care needs for women. The major services to be provided include pre-natal and post-natal services, birthing services, and personalized care from puberty and menopause. Some other services that will be provided include physical examination, health education and access to medications like birth control. The business has also come up with a business mission, a vision, and goals.

Mission: To provide quality pre-natal and birthing services to women and also offer personalized physical examination and provision of education to the modern woman.

Vision: To become a leader in provision of solutions to all women-related health demands or needs.

Goals: The goals of this Health Care Service Center for women will be in providing the best services to women, have objective-oriented management, and achieve the trust of the customers. The other goal is to achieve business growth within three years of operation.

Start up Expenses and Capital Requirements.
Looking at the above presentation, the new business will definitely require source of capital following the expenses and requirements anticipated. Funding will be necessary so as to set the Health Service Center so that it can be in a position of providing the above-mentioned services to women. In order to start the health facility, the major expenses will be outlined so as to effectively fund the process.

Startup Expenses and Capitalization: The startup expenses for this business include facility development and operational costs. Land is to be purchased to construct the facility that will provide all the requirements for a Health Center offering all the services and physical examinations to women. This calls for enough cash to fund the conversion project. New materials will be purchased to complete the facility. Upon facility development, the next move will be in purchasing new equipments for use in the health service (Derammelaere & Arthur, 2008). This will include X-ray machines, microscopes, dissecting kits and all other health-related equipments. Such equipments are very expensive and hence the need for enough funds.

After purchase of the above equipments and development of the facility, the company will be in need for workers, both trained and untrained, to provide the needed services in the center. The trained experts required here include nurses, gynecologists, doctors and two surgeons (Derammelaere & Arthur, 2008). These professionals should be trained to ensure provision of high quality services. The need of human resource is also necessary to improve interactions of the people working in the organization. Untrained workers will be required in carrying out cleaning duties and helping the other workers. The capitalization here suggests the need for funding. This is necessary to improve the nature and quality of services offered in the women’s health center.

Cost to Start the Business: From the above analysis, the business will require a lot of capital in order to start service provision. The major expenses here are divided into two groups: these include structural expenses and operational expenses. Structural expenses include designing the facility and purchasing equipments. On the other hand, the operational expenses will include the monies to pay workers and all other employees working in the facility. Going by the current economic situation and prices of materials, the company will require an approximation of three hundred thousand dollars. The funds will be managed properly to make sure that quality health services have been provided to women who seeks services from the center (Derammelaere & Arthur, 2008).

Business Budget: In this business, a budget is necessary as it gives a plan of expenditure. In the health service, operational budget will be maintained and sustained by the income generated from the services and payments made by the clients and company customers. These will cater for the purchase of new materials and equipments (Derammelaere & Arthur, 2008). Also, medicine will be purchased initially from the starting capital after which the income gained will continue funding the purchase. Expenditure will be in the payments of workers and purchase of materials, equipments and medicine. Purchase of major equipments and facility equipments will need extensive funding. From the above analysis, startup expenses have been analyzed and capital requirements as well. The table below gives a summary of the Budget:

Business Budget

Building expenses
$ 50,000.00
Building materials
$ 35,000.00
$ 20,000.00
$ 5,000.00
Legal documents
$ 500.00
Security system
$ 7,000.00
$ 5,000.00
Safety equipments
$ 2,000.00
Water supply and storage
$ 800.00
Drainage system
$ 3,000.00
Ventilation system
$ 9,000.00
$ 5,000.00
Furniture expenses
$ 24,000.00
$ 36,000.00
$ 50,000.00
$ 110,000.00
Hospital Machineries
Scanning devices
$ 50,000.00
$ 250,000.00
$ 150,000.00
$ 200,000.00
$ 30,000.00
$ 1,000,000.00
$ 50,000.00
$ 45,000.00
$ 34,000.00
$ 90,000.00
Emergency care unit
$ 55,000.00
$ 27,000.00
$ 99,000.00
$ 400,000.00
$ 9,000.00
Employees (casual workers)
$ 25,000.00
$ 90,000.00
$ 50,000.00
$ 180,000.00
Overall Total
$ 2,400,000.00


Derammelaere, A. & Arthur, T. (2008). Writing a Convincing Business Plan. New York: John Wiley and Sons.



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