The Value of a College Degree

The Value of a College Degree

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Then need of education or a college degree for making money is questioned by the author in this topic. He argues that college is not the only source for education.  In his opinion, the expenditure for the college education is not worth when compared to other sources of knowledge.  As per the author, practical knowledge acquired from various sources is more important rather than the theoretical knowledge obtained from the college education. The author believes that a person with less academic credentials and more practical experience can better perform the functions of an accountant. He also argues that college education is a time consuming and expensive process. He also point out that professional studies provide only the credentials rather than the utility. The author seems to be an advocate of naturalism which emphasizes the importance of knowledge acquired from the nature rather than the classroom.

As everybody knows for making money college degree is not at all essential. I know a millionaire person, who does not have even the primary education, but succeeded in making money through his business. But the purpose of education is not all about making money alone. Education makes a person capable of facing the challenges caused from the society and the family. As per Mahatma Gandhi “Education is the all round drawing out of the best in child and man –body, mind and spirit”. In that sense the purpose of education cannot be underestimated based on its role in making money alone.

    “Is college the only way to become educated? For a hundred thousand dollars, you could spend a year in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Orient, come back fluent in three or four languages and arguably more sophisticated than the average collegian”. The author emphasizes the importance of practical experiences through the above statements. But in order to make the knowledge perfect, both theoretical and practical knowledge are required. The theoretical knowledge will help a person to identify a problem more deeply. Practical knowledge can solve a problem at the surface level only. But theoretical knowledge along with practical knowledge can help a person to identify the root causes of a problem and he can tackle it from the grass root level. Of course the awareness of multi languages, culture and experiences learned from other countries may help a person in better organized to face the challenges of the modern world. But such knowledge alone may not be sufficient enough to achieve the success in human life.

 “Academic requirements no long fit the requirements, neither general nor utilitarian, of the modern world”. The above argument is also debatable. Of course the experiences make a person better in his profession. But theoretical knowledge will help him to understand the underlying causes of the problem more reliably and can more effectively tackle it. In order to understand the technical terms involved in the problem, the academic knowledge will be helpful. For example, anybody who has some basic knowledge in typing can operate a computer key board and can work in a word processing program easily even without going for any computer course. But when a technical problem occurs, his experience alone may not be enough for him to solve it. He needs theoretical knowledge as well. So academic knowledge and practical knowledge; both are required even in the modern world to excel in any profession.



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