The history of fire western civilization


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This paper discusses the history of fire western civilization. The following issues have been addressed in this paper: What three particular learning activities in this course contributed most to changing your perceptions this semester? What was, or were, that change or changes in this course? Did your sense of historical time change? Did your sense of the relationship between nature and culture change? Did your sense of your own relationship to nature change? If so, describe how, and under what influences. As well, the paper gives the learning activity that was least useful in the course, and how this course can be improved in the future.

Fire and Western Civilization

            Fire holds one of the most important foundations in the history of mankind. We cannot talk of fire without bringing in the topic of westernization and human civilization. In this course, different historical foundations have been analyzed which are of great significance. In this semester, different learning activities have proved useful towards understanding this kind of history (Johan, 2008). Basically, the three major learning activities which have contributed much on my historical knowledge include the reading activities of several historical journals and books, several discussions which he had with different members of the class, and different websites which have been able to absorb.

From the above studies, I have established the history of man lies on very many inventions starting with that of fire. Because of this, I have been able to establish the major advancements of mankind. This gives a very big change in man’s evolutionary tree towards civilization (Stephen, 2007). As well, some other developments which came after the invention of fire have greatly been understood from these learning activities. From this study, ancient developments have known. From historical developments of humanity and his social developments, it has been proved that fire played a very big role towards the civilization of human beings (Stromberg, 2006). For instance, the old age industry was promoted by the use of fire. Blacksmith led to production of tools for agricultural purposes and security (Stromberg, 2006).

Most of the ancient developments and achievements can only be attributed to the invention of fire as it opened path for new inventions. Social events began to be held following this wonderful invention, and slowly by slowly man continued to get much civilized (Stephen, 2007). Therefore, it would be necessary to note at fire is one major invention which spurred many developments and the reason it is a very important tool towards economical development.

With fire being a product of nature, am greatly convinced that nature is very important to the life of man in particular (Gilmore, 1998). This is because nature has been a constant provider of all needs of man in particular and therefore making life much easier. This becomes the major reason why my relation to nature has changed. Nature is what defines the life of man not only for this day but for the days to come. Since it has propelled man this far, it would be very wise that all human beings would be keen to conserve it for posterity. In the reading, it has been proved that the domestication of fire changes very many things. Man began to prepare his food hence leading to an improvement of diet and health.

I can attest to it that this practice and learning activity has been necessary in educating us about fire and human civilization. However, the discussions we had in the groups proved least useful. This was the case because majority of the individual had a negative viewpoint towards this fantastic history and human civilization as well. Many of the people showed great disinterest hence making the discussions less benefiting. However, what is studied in different books, articles and from different web sources gave a lot of useful information on this course (Garner, 2003). In the future, this course can be improved by encouraging the learners to be serious and committed on everything they do. This will see them positively attracted to history, and very soon they will begin appreciating it. Also, other learning activities can be encouraged which will improve this course to the learners.


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