The testing for the frequent shopping program will ensure the system is free of errors before the system is installed. User case studies will be completed to make sure the system is working properly before installation in an attempt to avoid problems in awarding customers the proper points for the amount of purchases made. Kudler has installed the NCR RealPOS 82XRT POS as point of sale terminals. These terminals have the capability to manage the loyalty program and send the processed data to the appropriate database where it will be recorded and stored. Using unit testing will ensure the program will run as expected and to the specification stated by the organization. An integration test will be conducted to confirm the modules of the new system will work with the system already installed in the Kudler stores. The integration test will include:
• User interface testing – to ensure each menu in the user interface will work properly
• User scenario testing – to test different types of situations the program may encounter
• Data flow testing – To test each process of the program
• System interface testing – To ensure the data exchange between each system is correct
A complete system test will be conducted to verify that the system will function correctly. A requirements test will be conducted to ensure the system will meet the requirements of the loyalty program. The system test will also be conducted to ensure the information regarding the customer’s purchases and loyalty points are recorded and properly stored for the correct customer in the appropriate database.
The new website for Kudler Fine Foods will be tested to ensure the purchases made by customers online will be awarded the points required, and the customer information regarding the purchases is stored safe and secure from external sources. Security test will be conducted by the IS department and an outside firm to ensure the customer information is safe.

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