Tata Motors A Business Strategy Report Marketing Essay

Tata Motors Limited, India ‘s largest car company, is the leader by far in commercial vehicles, and the 2nd largest in the rider vehicles market with winning merchandises in the compact, mid-size auto and public-service corporation vehicle sections. The intent of this study is to analyze and analyse the internal and external environments of the car industry in India. The analysis should enable us to measure the current every bit good as old schemes of the company and redesign new schemes for farther optimisation.

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Key Findingss

The research shows that Tata Motors has successfully implemented ‘Low-Cost Strategy ‘ by supplying odd value for its client ‘s money. With 50 old ages of experience, the company has successfully served varied demands of its clients by supplying an extended scope of merchandises. Tata Motors is a innovator in R & A ; D section which allows it to constantly innovate and detect new engineerings.


Sing the emerging economic system and altering consumers ‘ disbursement, execution of ‘Low-Cost Strategy ‘ might non profit in the long tally. Consequently, it is recommended that the company should follow ‘differentiation scheme ‘ and concentrate on supplying alone goods and services to win over the market from the competition participants. By conveying radical alterations in the market, it would non be unrealistic to believe of a hereafter where clients would volitionally pay for the added value to the merchandise.


Outline of Business under survey

Tata Motors, a subordinate of the Tata group, was once known as TELCO ( TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company ) . The group takes its name from the laminitis Jamsedji Tata and has its central office at the Bombay House in Mumbai, India. Established in 1945, Tata Motors has more than 4 million vehicles driving on the Indian roads. It was the first Indian company from the technology sector to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange. It made its topographic point amongst the universe ‘s top three rider vehicle shapers and is presently the leader in commercial vehicle. It besides stands as the 4th largest truck and 2nd largest coach maker.

The company employs 23,000 workers, who are directed by the vision to go the best in its operations and merchandise while remaining integral with the concern moralss and value system. The transnational frequently hits the headlines because of its coup d’etats and amalgamations, particularly with the recent acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover ( Tata Motors 2011 ) .

External Analysis of the Automobile Industry

Ever turning Indian population and therefore the work force, has increased the figure of independent earners. This favorable tendency provides a greater range for the development of car industry in India. During 2008 the industry had a portion of up to 3.9 % in state ‘s GDP, which is expected to lift to 10 % by 2016 ( India Retail Report Q1 2011 ) . Consumer disbursement on conveyance is besides expected to see an upward tendency and progress by 73.2 % in 2007-2015. Besides, increased investing by the authorities for improved route substructure has farther led to a growing in multi-axle vehicles ( Euromonitor International 2008 ) .

Reason for analyzing Tata Motors

Tata Motors is recently the most talked about company. Over the old ages it has emerged as a low cost vehicle maker with premier focal point on invention. In divergency to its scheme, it would be interesting to larn about its new ventures in the luxury market. The survey therefore focal points on closely size uping and reexamining its current tactics and verifying for any range for betterment.

Strategic Analysis

Methods & A ; Techniques for Data Collection

For the executing of this research, we conducted an in-depth survey of the available secondary informations. The collected information was verified with the on-line company records, studies and official web sites.

Tata Motors Internal Records and Annual Reports

Companies internal records helped us analyse its current place by uncovering its net incomes until 2010 and understanding its past schemes and actions.

Online Databases

Datas retrieved from EBSCOhost database, Factiva database and e-books available online at Deakin library and Google bookman proved to be highly good.

Online Websites and Other Resources

Reliable articles, magazines, statistical tendencies, authorities web sites and other relevant on-line beginnings like fiscal express, farther enlightened our cognition about the company.

Text Book and Lecture Notes

The text edition ‘Exploring Corporate Strategy ‘ by Gerry Johnson provided us with the model to travel about this undertaking. Study usher and talk notes were besides valuable beginning for information.

Business Strategy Statement

Tata Motors aims to emerge as the world-class car leader with the singular price-performance ratio in combination with hyper-efficient engines to get the big market portion internationally.

Tata Motors ‘ mission is to make an administration that people enjoy working for, making concern with and puting in. It focuses on client demands to supply them a scope of advanced merchandises and keep long-run dealingss, by working closely with its work force and concern spouses. The company ‘s intent is to systematically make stockholder value by bring forthing greater returns and to further long permanent ties with the sellers and channel spouses ( Global Reporting Initiative 2010 ) .

The company ‘s aim is to put INR28.8billion over the following few old ages for increasing its production and INR60billion for the enlargement of the bing fabrication workss and in puting up vehicle proving installations ( Automotive Manufacturing Solutions 2010 ) .

Tata Motors matchless ability to fabricate low cost vehicles provides the company with a greater range of gaining high net income borders and enjoys a greater market portion. Economic lag has hyped the competition to supply low priced but the best quality vehicles. Understanding rural Indian economic system and turning incomes of the husbandmans, Tata Motors view increased chances for its commercial sector ( Thakkar 2010 ) . Nevertheless Tata Motors have a scope of upcoming Jaguar and Land wanderer autos for the luxury trade name purchasers to capture the higher-income/premium client section. This could make a greater success for the company in close hereafter.

Tata Motors have singular advantages of fabrication in India when compared to other MNC rivals. It benefits from the low labor cost, extensively skilled and interlacing backward and forward linkages, hiking IT technology, strong subsidiary industry, significant cognition of the market, bettering substructure and increasing domestic demand.

Tata Motors aspires to be a world-class shaper of quality vehicles by striking balance between the demands of its clients, employee, providers, investors and the community as a whole.

Analysis of External Environment of the Business

Macro Environment analysis

Economic Factors: The Indian economic system has experienced changeless growing due to the increasing per capita income, which grew by 14.2 % in 2006-07. The entire consumer disbursement increased by 73.9 % during 1995-2007 this is expected to make 58.2 % in 2007-2015 ( Euromonitor International 2008 ) .

Harmonizing to the World Factbook ( 2011 ) , India ‘s rising prices rate rose to 11.7 % in 2010 driven by increasing nutrient and fuel monetary values. Furthermore, lifting trade good monetary values and indurating involvement rate has posed huge force per unit area on costs and borders of Indian makers ( Mitra & A ; Sen 2011 ) .

Figure 1: India GDP

Beginning: Index Mundi 2011

Demographic Factors: India ‘s entire population of 1.19 billion constitutes 70 % possible purchasers, which are below 35 old ages. It is seen that 130 million people had been added to the working population between 2003 and 2009. This indicates an addition in figure of people with lesser dependence. The tendency is likely to add value to vehicle demand with a displacement toward high terminal autos ( Automotive Mission Plan 2006 ) .

Figure 2: Vehicle Gross saless in India

Beginning: India Retail Report Q2 2011

Political-Legal Factors: Indian authorities has taken several inducements under the current 11th five twelvemonth program ( 2007-2012 ) to hike the car sector. The Finance measure 2006 has reduced the excise responsibility on the little autos and responsibility on natural stuff which is now 5-7.5 % as compared to the old degree of 10 % . The Ministry of Finance announced 150 % leaden tax write-off under the income Tax Act for in- house R & A ; D outgo for all sectors ( Anand 2009 ) . The authorities has introduced a National Automotive testing and R & A ; D Infrastructure Project ( NATRIP ) which is based on edifice universe category testing and R & A ; D substructure for vehicles in the state for automotive safety, emanation and public presentation criterions in India. Furthermore, the Government has allocated a portion of its budget for the betterment of route substructure ( Planing Commission 2006 ) .

Environmental Factors: Increasing consciousness about planetary heating requires production of fuel efficient vehicles. Furthermore, Diesel fuelled engines pose greater menace to the environment as compared to the CNG vehicle ( Centre for Science and Environment 2011 ) . Furthermore, Recent revelation of Euro V criterion by the European committee requires India to revise its emanation criterions ( Automotive Mission Plan 2006 ) . Recently legislated C revenue enhancement on coal manufacturers has provided a beginning of funding clean energy research and development ( Building Green Business 2010 ) .

Technological Factors: The car industry ‘s disbursement on R & A ; D has increased from US $ 54.58 million to US $ 214.26 million in last four old ages which is 0.8 % of the entire state ‘s GDP ( The Financial Express 2008 ) ( Ramanathan 2011 ) . Furthermore, NATRIP is taking to incorporate the strengths of IT and electronics with the car technology sector ( Planing Commission 2006 ) .

Impact of Macro Environment on Business: Overall, developing economic system with turning working population and consumer disbursement indicates an addition in the consumer demand, later a growing in the car industry. Other premier factors lending to this tendency are improved outgo on R & A ; D, hiking IT and reduced responsibility on natural stuffs. However, the intensifying fuel and trade good monetary values and lifting involvement rates can blockade industry ‘s advancement.

Therefore PESTEL analysis shows that chiefly the economic and demographic factors are likely to be the chief drivers for the promotion of car industry in future.

Industry Analysis

Menace of new entrant: Emerging Indian market is pulling car companies from all over the universe. International auto rental houses are presenting a greater menace with about twelve trade names, expected to come in the market ( Gupta & A ; Shekhar 2010 ) .

However, Tata Motors enjoys economic systems of graduated table and degree of experience, therefore disputing for the new entrants.

Figure 1: Five force model

Beginning: Johnson, Whittington & A ; Scholes 2011

Dickering power of purchasers: Increasing disposable income and handiness of better options have raised the client outlooks and array of pick. This has led to a diminution in consumer trueness towards peculiar vehicle trade name. Indian consumers are now basking the greater bargaining power ( Gupta & A ; Shekhar 2010 ) .

Dickering power of Suppliers: The Indian car constituent industry has witnessed a strong growing during 1995-2005, later doing automobile one of the fastest turning Industry. Increased handiness of supply beginnings has lowered provider ‘s bargaining power. This can be seen in Tata Motors extended frontward and rearward perpendicular integrating of its value concatenation through acquisition or creative activity of steel, fabrication and retail operations ( Zahrai 2009 ) .

Competition between Rivals: Indian car industry is extremely competitory with three major participants, viz. Maruti Suzuki, Tata and Hyundai. Tata Motors and Hyundai Motors have about equal per centum of market portion, although less than Maruti Suzuki. An of import factor, which adds fuel to the competition, is that all major vehicle suppliers are extremely competent to prosecute chances with aggressive schemes.

Figure: Market Share of Passenger Vehicle Providers ( 2010-2011 )

Beginning: Adapted from The Economic Times 2011

Menace of Substitutes: Car industry in India may fear the rapid development of public conveyance, most economical and rapid being tubes.

The analysis infers that four forces are strong plenty to do this industry less attractive. However, to last Tata Motors need to closely supervise the rival actions and react rapidly to the alterations in client demands and outlooks.

Strategy Canvas

Beginning: Adapted from Taylor 2011

Critical Success Factors

The Critical Success Factors will enable Tata Motors to derive competitory advantage over the rivals to come in the bluish ocean.

Economies of Scale: Reaping the benefits of economic systems of graduated table, Tata Motors has been able to set up itself as a successful low cost supplier ( Business India Intelligence, 2008 ) .

Diversification: Tata Motors ‘ merchandise line ranges from universe ‘s cheapest auto to expensive theoretical accounts such as Jaguar and Land Rover to trucks go throughing the million unit end product grade harvesting the benefits of economic systems of graduated table ( Maekawa 2008 ) .

Invention: Today the company employs over 2000 applied scientists and scientists, supplying a taking border in R & A ; D. This endowed technological capableness has allowed changeless inventions, therefore functioning the alone demands of the clients ( IBEF 2010 ) .

Analysis of Internal Environment of the Business

Company ‘s Capabilities and Strengths

Tata Motors have typical capableness due to its comparative advantage in bring forthing low cost autos, which is out of the range of rivals.

The value concatenation for Tata Motors starts with the IT squad ‘s invention as a tool for concern growing.

Primary Activities

Inbound logistics such as Tata Power Co. , Tata Steel assist them derive economic sciences of graduated table.

R & A ; D, planing, fabrication, piecing, Kaizen & A ; TPM squads for proving and packaging to better its operating efficiency.

To capture important market, it provides assortment of visible radiation and heavy commercial, public-service corporation vehicles, and rider autos. Tata distribution Company limited ( TDCL ) provides logistics support for distribution.

The company optimized its cost on gross revenues and selling to guarantee consciousness about their latest launches.

Easily approachable service Centres, 24 hours IT Service desk and Tata AIG insurance & A ; finance installations provide an easiness to the clients ( Tata Motors 2011 ) .

Support activities

Tata invariably strives on invention by supplying its employees with a room for development through vocational and cross-functional preparation plans. Its HR procedure has been automated for far making net incomes.

Competitive Strength of Business

Tata Motors give tough competition to other participants in car industry with its strong low cost schemes like production of Tata Nano. These strategies provide value for service to clients.

SWOT Analysis



Strong domestic participant with a turnover of about $ 15,771.6 million in 2009.

Extensive scope of commercial and passenger vehicles with several discrepancies to accommodate client penchants.

INR50,154million outgo on robust research and development ( R & A ; D ) capableness with Strong technology accomplishments in planing.

Enjoys Low labour cost by fabricating in India. Ultra inexpensive Nano, which was designed to replace the two Wheelers with an low-cost four-wheeler, was their greatest accomplishment.

Tata Motors had debt of INR435, 815 million at the terminal March 2009, which unable hard currency influx and degrades creditworthiness.

General public associate Tata as low monetary value and therefore low quality, nevertheless this image may non make good in the premium sector.

Inferior labour productiveness and thin production.





Technical know-how may reassign from Jaguar Land Rover and besides the premium trade name can profit from reduced cost.

Emerging market of India with increasing income degrees.

Infrastructure development in India will further increase the vehicle demand.

Fuel efficient and eco friendly autos may happen its manner into the market.

The monetary value of natural stuffs is increasing and the company can non go through the load to its non-affluent clients.

Rising fuel monetary values may hold an inauspicious consequence.

Cost of run intoing environmental ordinances.

Global fiscal crisis of 2007-08 has lead to fiscal crunch thereby lifting the involvement rates.

Developing markets has attracted terrible competition which could endanger Tata ‘s place.

Beginning: Datamonitor 2010

Scheme and Culture

Tata Motors have a distinguishable manner of making concern, more deeply known as, “ The TATA manner ” . The most profoundly etched value in the company is trust. The company ‘s logo, “ leading with trust ” personifies people ‘s belief in the trade name. Thus the company respects the trust embedded in it by many and strives to honor its committednesss. Other five nucleus values that underpin the Tata manner of making concern include unity, duty, integrity, understanding and excellence ( Tata Motors 2011 ) .

The corporate administration of the company originates from its rich bequest of ethical, just and crystalline administration patterns followed since ages, even before they were made compulsory by furthering highest criterions of professionalism, unity, honestness and ethical behavior ( Corporate Sustainability Report 2008 ) .

Information and power base on ballss through a perpendicular hierarchy with CEO being the foremost authorization. The frailty president of Tata Motors, Ravi Kant, attaches greater importance to communicating. He strongly believes unwritten communicating helps one understand the behavioral form. As a leader, the organic structure linguistic communication, communicating manner and the manner of handling employees matter the most because the followings observes and take their ain cues. Friendly dealingss with workers allow easy flow of thoughts, thereby promoting greater output. Further, ‘Code of Corporation Disclosure Practices ‘ confirms transparent declaration of its operations ( Business Strategy Review 2010 ) . Company successfully integrates advanced international HR direction procedures by retaining local directors in recent acquisition and reassigning few senior directors from India. This makes exchange and adaptation to new expertness easier while keeping the company ‘s nucleus values.

Quality has ever remained the basis of the Tata manner of concern ; as such a formal system to scale the public presentation of different companies was introduced. TQMS aid companies under the Tata group to carry on and heighten its concern enterprises particularly in relation to concern excellence and moralss. Further, JRD Quality Value Awards named after the late president of the group, JRD Tata where incorporated for guaranting and encouraging quality consciousness. The award acknowledges the company within the group that achieves highest degree of quality and excels quality direction ( Tata Motors 2011 ) . Such patterns entrench a acquisition environment that would accordingly assist accomplish leading in the market place by invariably endeavoring to go the best. Strict family of company ‘s civilization has allowed it to swimmingly adhere to its scheme.

Business Strategy Choice

Tata Motors has invariably strived to be a low cost leader in the car market. Therefore by using “ Low cost scheme ” , it has made its presence felt particularly in the untapped and developing markets like India. The most apparent illustration is that of the ultra-low cost Nano. However, with increasing involvement rates, natural stuff and fuel monetary values the company may non be able to prolong this scheme in the long tally.

However, macro environment analysis suggests that economic growing and lifting disposable incomes may increase the possible luxury vehicle purchasers. Therefore, TATA ‘s acquisitions of Jaguar Land Rover seem to be a sound determination. Besides, the ever-increasing competition in the industry requires Tata to implement “ Differentiation scheme ” . In conformity to this scheme, the company must concentrate on supplying alone goods and services to win over the market from the competition participants. This would let the company to bask a premium monetary value that the clients would volitionally pay for the added value to the merchandise.

Execution of this scheme can be a piece of bar for Tata Motors if it duly considers the following-

Strategy executing

Indulge in aggressive R & A ; D to guarantee inventions that can add value to the merchandise at minimal cost. This will include planing sophisticated attention-getting theoretical accounts.

Adopt sustainable patterns and keep healthy dealingss with all the members of the value concatenation and invariably upgrade their cognition by promoting a acquisition environment.

Conduct studies to maintain the company updated with the current demands of the purchasers and run into them much before the challengers.

Rising consciousness about planetary heating and of all time increasing fuel monetary values will see a growing in the green auto sector. Therefore adding ace efficient engine and eco friendly vehicles to the company ‘s portfolio will win a greater market.

Bettering the budget

Regardless of the turning net incomes, the company must concentrate on acquiring rid of the significant debts and avoid trades that may degrade their creditworthiness.

Focus on bettering planetary gross revenues for rapid recovery of fixed cost.


Outsourcing of fiddling operations is worth the outgo as it allows the company to concentrate on critical occupations required to excite distinction.

Guaranting Improvement

The company must promote interaction between the supply concatenation members for changeless up step of the market demand and quicker bringing, thereby directing attempts towards the betterment of production clip rhythm.

Promoting customization, where purchasers can custom-make their vehicles as per their desire, can be an attractive force for experimenters.

Capturing greater ball of market by establishing altered theoretical accounts with varied monetary values for each section.


The survey shows a brighter hereafter for the car industry in India. However, vigorous range for the development of this market has attracted many participants. Availability of legion options and replacements has farther increased client ‘s outlooks. Besides, the turning young person market comprises of the experimenters, who desire up steps and new inventions in their ownerships. All these analyses provide Tata Motors to go more sensitive to the demands of the purchasers and guarantee is execution much before the challengers. The company must invariably research new markets and guarantee new inventions because the hazard takers are the net income shapers. Over and above the company can section the market and have something for everyone in order to capture a major proportion of the market.

Understanding the huge competition where every car company is contending to go the best, Tata Motors is required to construct extra competences. The trade name must brace its place as a leader in the commercial vehicle market and put new tendencies in the rider. The recommended distinction scheme will give the company a taking border through its careful execution and executing.


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