Romeo and Juliet Composition Essay

The narrative of Romeo and Juliet contains many controversial subjects that are chiefly focused on adolescents. The most astonishing fact about this narrative is that even though this narrative was written 100s of old ages ago. the adolescents today still go through the same ordeals or. even fantastic events as good.

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One of these of import subjects in this narrative was friendship. Romeo and Mercurito’s friendly relationship was portrayed as what people would name today a “best friends” position. This was rather obvious in the text and both Romeo and Juliet films ; particularly when witnessing Romeo’s reaction to Mercurito’s decease. On the other manus. although the position of Romeo and Mercurito’s friendly relationship wasn’t as relevant. most viewing audiences would still be able to state that theirs’ was different from the others’ .

Hatred. although non shown likewise. was besides an of import subject shown in this narrative. If anything. hatred was the most of import subject because it is what led to all of the horrid events and ordeals that took topographic point. Hatred was shown through differences that were started long before the present clip. and besides through “nationality pride” ; nevertheless. all of these signifiers of hatred were formed from one thing: ignorance. If everyone would hold merely stopped being nescient and establishing their ethical motives of manners on pathetic theories. such as favoritism and tradition. none of the jobs they faced would hold occurred. For the text and Romeo and Juliet films. the households didn’t even know why they were enemies to each other. in a manner. What is the point of contending if there’s no premier ground for the difference? In West Side Story. the two “gangs” . although nescient. at least had a set-reason for their difference.

The most obvious subject that portrays the lives of adolescents today. of class. is love. Foolish love. that is. It was one of those petit larcenies. “love at first glance” romantic cracks that merely flew away and went excessively far. Is it merely me or is it reasonably weird to get married less than a hebdomad after you meet each other? Well evidently. this wasn’t merely Romeo and Juliet’s mistake. but besides Friar Lawrence’s every bit good. Yes. it is typically incorrect to “bud in” on a relationship. but. for exclusions of their age entirely. Friar should hold at least asked the parents before marrying them so easy. Didn’t the Friar at least see the fact that the “newlyweds” were from both challenging households that literally hated each other?

On the other manus. the love of Tony and Maria ( West Side Story ) was non as pathetic. Although they had acted out a matrimony together the 2nd clip they met. it wasn’t every bit unneeded as going honeymooners so rapidly. Their love was merely a love that most teens face today: The sort of love when the one can’t halt thought of the other. and when they do. they both still acquire butterflies in their tummy because of merely the idea of being with him/her.

Although non portrayed in West Side Story. competition was another teenage-based subject in Romeo and Juliet. The competition between Romeo and Paris is indirect. since during most of the narrative. Paris does non even cognize of a Romeo. or what Juliet is truly believing approximately. in footings of her love-life. that is. Paris still believes that Juliet is in love with him. but still assures himself the matrimony of Juliet by inquiring her male parent for the permission. Meanwhile. Romeo sees Juliet really frequently. and their love for each other merely supports acquiring larger and larger ( it could be considered habit-forming on both parts ) . However. when Paris starts to recognize that Romeo is stealing Juliet from him. Paris starts to take things upon his ain. He does this by dueling it out with the unwilling Romeo at the God’s acre where Juliet’s “dead” organic structure was kept. until Romeo wins and putting to deaths Paris. This concatenation of events could besides be described as portraying green-eyed monster. since that is fundamentally why Paris tried to kill Romeo.

In Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare did non merely compose a fantastic novel that will be remembered everlastingly. but had besides predicted the events that all adolescents will come to confront. Hatred. green-eyed monster. competition. love. friendly relationship. will all come into drama during a teenager’s life-cycle. for better or for worse. Even though most subjects are related within the teenage epoch. this narrative can associate and learn anyone at any age ; it merely matters what the reader’s point of position is on the narrative. However. this narrative has a lesson of its ain that is a common stating parents use today: Think before you act. If anyone in this narrative would hold thought out their decisions for everything. none of the calamities would hold occurred.

Why? Because if they thought about what they were making. they would hold known that their determination was incorrect and would hold likely came up with a nice solution. For case. the common war the universe is confronting as we speak. Because of the quick-thinking that took topographic point. more decease is happening than peace. The chief ends of this war are non being completed. This is all because of quick-thinking. and actions that come out of choler. This is precisely what Shakespeare. 100s of old ages ago. was stating! Isn’t it a shame that the worlds in the present universe can do all types of bettering engineering. but can non better on their ain? This piece of art is non merely a chef-d’oeuvre. but fundamentally a manner of life. and the universe keeps turn outing this more and more.


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