Population and Community Needs


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This paper gives a portrayal of a proposed city in two different formats. One format is written and shows all the evidences of considerations in planning the city. All the decisions towards the kind of plan for the city have been appropriately considered so that sustainability is achieved. There is presentation of justification with solid reasons as to why each and every plan has been designed this way. The second part of the paper presents a sketch or a drawing of the proposed city design.

Part One


In a community, it is necessary to have all needs of the people catered for. In an urban setting, there are very many needs which have to be considered and be put in place. For instance, in a city of five thousand people, it is necessary to have all considerations put in place in a manner which solves the major needs and requirements for all. Whenever planning a new urban setting, all human needs should be appropriately considered. The major needs in such a setting include water availability, electricity, sanitation, health services, jobs, building types, transportation systems, and recreational land.

Population and Community Needs

As from the sketched design, the city is intended to support about five thousand people, and therefore all the major community needs have been appropriately considered. Because of the population volume, transportation will be via use large helicopters. This means there is the need to have landing pads designed in strategic positions. These positions will make transport easy and available to all people. Also, proper road network in the area and other recreational facilities will be provided from the residential areas (Marcus & Francis, 1998). For such population, buildings will be designed to accommodate the very population while leaving room for expansion and future developments. With the demand of housing and increasing population, flats will be constructed to accommodate the population. The apartments will be divided and designed depending on living standards of the different people.

Another important thing is with sanitary conditions. All buildings will be connected with the sewage disposal system. Sewage wastes will be cleaned and treated being released into the river. With reliable rainfall, water will be harvested and stored in a dam. The water from the dam will be treated in a treatment plant before being piped into the residential houses. This treated and fresh water for home consumption will be supplied into all buildings (Marcus & Francis, 1998). This will make sure all people have access to fresh water and clean for consumption. This calls for convenience with these facilities for all the people in the city.

The other important thing is with electricity supply. With the new design for the city accommodating five thousand people, electricity will be the source of power for lightning purposes across the city. This will make life comfortable for all the people. In the design, these will be supplied from the grid into the buildings in a manner which does not interfere with transport system and safety of the people. Recreation becomes another essential need for this city, and therefore there shall be provision of swimming pools and playing fields. A park for relaxation will also be allocated for within the overall layout of the city, and hence the site should be of convenience to all. Recreational land will be maintained by the city county so as to ensure all the people have fair and equal access to the facilities (Marcus & Francis, 1998).

A society or community without food is unable to meet its goals. In the newly designed city, there will be provision of food places which are convenient and reachable to all. A place for groceries will also be allocated for the city dwellers. Business supplies for food materials shall be encouraged in the city. Since food is one of the major needs for any given society, the city design should put this into greater consideration. Basically, food materials will be made available for all in the city.

Health services provision is another important provision for any group of people in a particular society. In the city, a health centre will be planned for from which the five thousand persons will be obtaining health care services from (Marcus & Francis, 1998). Health service centers will be strategically positioned so that all the people can adequately have equal access of the centers. Because health is very important, different centers will be designed and allocated for within the city layout to promote the wellbeing for all. As it can be noted from the overall layout, the health services will be available to all the residents in the city community.

While planning for the city, a vast land will be allocated for an industrial lot where companies and factories can be set to provide employment and short term jobs to the population. As well, facilities such as schools, health care centers, and factories shall offer employment to a considerable number of the population (Marcus & Francis, 1998). Jobs are very important for any community and therefore there shall be encouragement of stalls and shops for the people to start their own businesses for self employment. The city management will be done by the county whose roles will be well stated. A police post will also have to be considered in the provisional design for security purposes in the city.

When we talk of sustainability, there are very many things which come into the mind. For example, any society or community should provide room for posterity. In that case, the city design should have allocations for future developments and also improve the nature of the environment. Trees will also be planted to improve air circulation and reduce chances of pollution. Another important thing of consideration is to make sure that the planning caters for all the people in the community (Marcus & Francis, 1998).


With all the considerations in place, all the population and community needs have been put in place with the above discussion. This has considered the health care provision, transportation solutions, availability of water and food, supply of electricity, recreational land, buildings type and their availability, sanitation, and overall sustainability of the community. As presented in the final layout of the town, all issues have been greatly considered for better living conditions for all.

Part Two

City Layout and Design


Marcus, C. & Francis, C. (1998). People Places: Design Guidelines for Urban Open Space. Philadelphia: North American Publishing House.


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