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            This paper discusses the photography of Richard Avedon and Mark Ellen. The paper presents the historical developments of their photographing career, the enrichment of the career, and their achievements. The major social achievements from their work have been discussed, and why they were able to become the some of the greatest photographers of all time. Some examples of their photography works have also been mentioned in the paper.

The Photography of Richard Avedon and Ellen Mark

Photography itself is a career admired by specific persons within the society. This is the art and process in which moving or still pictures are created through a recording procedure. Such kind of recording involves the use of radiations or sensitive mediums. A good example of these mediums include electronic films or sensors (Williams 23).  Photography is a wide field and has gained significance in almost all fields including science, film production and even in studying motion in organisms and heavenly bodies. Some of the outstanding photographers worth discussing their photography include Avedon Richard and Ellen Mark Mary.

Richard Avedon is one of the famous photographers of all time in the American nation. After his sudden death in 2004, many acknowledged that his outstanding portraits and fashioned photographs is something that greatly defined the America’s style, beauty, image and culture. Avedon began this career in a noble way. He began photographing sceneries in 1942 for Merchant Marines. Here he took pictures for identifying the members of the Merchant crew.  In 1946 Avedon was producing photographs for a number of magazines like the Vogue. His photography was totally different due to the presentation of a smiling and jovial human pose. One of the most interesting thing with his photography which makes it outstanding was because he always gave much attention to his work, always very sensitive and as well applying the highest degree of creativity (Williams 37). His images of the African American movements and progression in America, photos of the war in Vietnam, and the rise and fall of German’s Berlin wall made his work outstanding,

Another interesting part was with his portraits which were smart. For instance, the famous Beatles stand testimony to his work of portraits.  Such included pictures and photographs of bands, artists, and even of prominent persons. Another interesting part was that his portraiture was able to capture the soul and the personality on all his subject. This saw a sudden growth in his reputation and very soon he became a popular figure. The most outstanding this with his portraiture was that he adopted a totally minimalist style. This presented the individual gazing squarely behind his camera, and standing behind a sparkling bright background. Because of this hard work, he was appointed a photographer staff in 1992 and also won very many medals and awards in the world of photography (Williams 48).

            The other favorite lady in this field is Ellen Mary who was born in the year 1940. Today Ellen is widely known for her outstanding portraiture, advanced photojournalism, and advertisement through the use of photography. The lady’s interest in this field goes back to her ninth year and later she would pursue this kind of dream (Williams 51). By 1965 she had toured very many places and won several trophies and awards. The following year she photographed the demonstrations of the Vietnam War and the Liberation of Women Movement. She strongly believed that her work was like a touch on the people in order to express their views, feelings, and emotions to the wider community.

            Ellen has also been a unit photographer in which she helped shooting a number of films and also for magazines such as Look and New Yorker.  She is also on top of the chart for having photographed for over one hundred movies. She also managed to write very many books touching much on photography. One of the other thing is that her work managed to address very many issues in the society such as loneliness, sexual issues, prostitution, and homelessness which had adversely affected the society.

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