Our Team Functioned On The Project Management Exercise Management Essay

For the undertaking, It is necessary to hold squad plants within making a undertaking. It can be seen that how to work the squad through every squad members from different ways. There are many ways that people can measure and understand that how does the squad work. In this essay, It will depict and give the critically evaluate to the squad. Reasoning the squads Belbin profiles, which is the personality squad function measuring of all the squad members, the squad lifecycle, determination devising processs, struggle within the squad, and the squad leading are the most five of import parts to analyze squad map in this essay. In these five different facets, squad work can be analysed in different manner more wholly.

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1.2 Belbin profiles in my squad

Belbin squad function stock list is a personality trial. It was devised to mensurate the squad member ‘s squad function for nine squad functions which are CO ( Coordinator ) , SH ( Shaper ) , PL ( Plant ) , RI ( Resource Investigator ) , ME ( Monitor Evaluator ) , IM ( Implmeter ) , TW ( Team worker ) , CF ( Completer Finisher ) , SP ( Specialist ) ( Fisher, Hunter and Macrosson, 2000 ) .This trial each person ‘ behaviors in a squad environment. We did a trial which shows how strong the person express.

“ squad is non a clump of people with occupation rubrics, but a fold of persons each of whom has a function which is understood by other members. Members of a squad seek out certain functions and they perform most efficaciously in the 1s that are most natural to them. “ Dr.R.M.Belbin ( 2012 )

In our squad, Primary penchant of Person A is IM ( implementer ) . Person A is the individual who is ever take our thought and ever allow everyone ‘s suggestion and turn them into the existent action. The secondary penchant of Person A is SH ( maker ) . Person A is ever better our squad and every minute that maintain our squad traveling and did non lose focal point on the whole undertaking. ( Belbin, 2012 ) And the third penchant of Person A is ME ( monitor judge ) . In our group, Person A is a logical individual and ever gave our squad a good determination to problem-solving with the accurately opinion ( Belbin,2012 ) .

Next, the primary penchant of Person B is Team worker. But it is interesting to cognize that Three Chinese and two Chinese pupils with Chinese interpersonal culture-harmony cause the primary penchants of the other four people are all squad worker. The secondary penchant of individual B is RI ( resource research worker ) . Because of the personality of individual B is surpassing, communicative, so every clip when we meet some jobs that we can non calculate it out, individual B is the individual who asks to professor or other schoolmates from other groups. The third penchant of individual B is CO ( coordinator ) . Person B is a confident, mature and stable individual, besides individual B is ever clear up the end of our squad and assisting everybody focal point on their undertakings ( Belbin, 2012 ) .

The secondary penchant of individual C is SP ( specializer ) . Person C is the specializer who is willing to work out the job that in its field, but sometimes because of the narrow position of specific field so the part were besides confine in its field within our group treatment. For illustration, individual C ‘s major topic in his undergraduate is accounting, so individual C is so good at pull offing cost and apportioning the resources about money. Then, the third penchant of individual C is IM ( implementer ) , merely like individual A, they are the people turned our thought into action and the work demand to be done. However, there is a job of this sort of people, they are slow to react to the new possibilities in the undertaking.

The secondary penchant of individual D is CO ( coordinator ) , the same squad function as individual B, so individual D did n’t make many things about coordination, but individual D ‘s third penchant is PL ( works ) , the lone works individual in our squad. Person D in my group was ever originative, inventive and besides has thoughts to supply many solutions to our job that we were confronting, even the solution is non suited to our job, it still inspires us many thoughts and thought.

The other squad member ‘s secondary penchant is CF ( completer finisher ) . Person E is the lone individual drama this squad function in our squad. Person E plays an of import function of our squad. Every clip when our squad have to breast the precedence signifier, and traveling to be the following period, Person E ever look into once more and once more. Person E took charge of calculate the cost and the outgo of purchasing mill or merchandises merely because Person E was non merely truly good at math but besides let the reply truth. However, for the whole squad, Person E ‘s behavior is a small spot disquieted unduly.

1.3 The squad lifecycle in squad Coffee.

There are 5 phases of theoretical accounts of group development ( Kevin, 2012 ) , organizing, ramping, norming and acting, and recessing. In the really first clip in our group, all of us discussed about the precedence of some processs in a really formal manner. In this phase, we get to cognize about each other and we exchange the information we thought ( Stacie, 2004 ) , Besides, in this period, when we spoke out each statement, we tried to carry our group members via let go ofing information to allow others hold with our statements. We wholly need the everybody ‘s understanding in our group to be the concluding reply.However, in this phase, there are different from the Tuckman ‘s theory, really we did non concentrate on edifice trust and assurance in the first phase instead in 2nd period. Following, in the storming phase, we could uncover our ain sentiment freely, after we exchange our information, we identified the appropriate functions ( Stacie,2004 ) like Person A ever gave the reply, Person E was the proctor judge and completer closer, Person B ever was the resource research worker, Person D happen his function to be coordinator in our group, and Person C was the squad worker and implementer in our group. And so, in Norming phase, we identify the strengths and failing of our squad and develop the single accomplishments. ( Tuckman, 1965 ) , in this phase, I found that we changed and confirmed our functions and so clear up everyone ‘s function in the whole undertaking. It is interested to happen that the relationship in our group is strengthened and all group member agree the manner to discourse with each other and the manner sharing the information ( Stacie,2004 ) . The following phase of this theoretical account is Performing phase, our squad roll up the information and discourse a concluding decision to make the end and work toward project completion. Everyone in this stage knows clearly what it is making and why, our relationship in this stage go more strong while dissensions might happened, we can maintain composure and resolved it really rapidly and positively ( Sharon,2012 ) . At last, the concluding phase is Adjourning stage, in this stage, is to the terminal of a undertaking squad ( Kevin, 2012 ) .

1.4 Decision devising processs

How was the determination devising in our group? Is the determination devising of import for the squad? Marcy and Nina ( 1987 ) pointed out that participatory determination devising additions occupation satisfaction and productiveness in their essay. In every squad, group, or administration need to do a determination, different from single determination devising, the group need bulk regulation, consensus and consentaneous understanding determination in determination devising ( Forrest, 1995 ) . In our squad, when we doing a determination about buying mill and merchandises, we foremost find what is the best company of our purchase this clip such as the repute of that company, the historical record of bringing clip and the cost rating, we exchange our information and so do the determination that every group member agree with that. It is common to see the determination devising by multi-voting in the squad. However, in our squad, we avoided the confrontation and debar the clash might be happened in our group. But in this state of affairs, the decisive action or of import determination is difficult to make up one’s mind. We did n’t utilize multi-voting to do the determination. Because of Chinese civilization, harmoniousness, we ever define every option and measure it so as to convert other else or to compromise with other sentiment and options. To do determinations, squad members are accept duty for and be admitted to ( Forrest, 1995 ) . Therefore, there are several theories of determination devising: Fisher ( 2000 ) pointed out that, there are 4 phases of determination devising, first phase is orientation phase. This phase is that group members meet and get down to cognize each other. Second phase is conflict phase, in this phase, our squad members become familiar and to each other and some argues might be happened. But in our group, we did n’t hold much struggle when we make determinations, every member merely gives their ain sentiments and allow all group members know and so seek to convert other else. Following phase is emergence phase, in this phase, I found that in my group that everyone will inquire other group members inquiries that some are believe back over that sentiment, some are acquiring more inside informations of that sentiment so that can calculate out and clean up the obscure sentiment that we had before. The phase at the last is called reinforcement phase, in this phase, the group member make a determination and every one agree with that is a right determination ( Fisher,2000 ) . However, other professor gives other determination doing stairss. Pijanwski ( 2009 ) pointed out that there are 8 stairss of determination devising. Establishing community, perceptual experience, reading, opinion, motive, action, contemplation in action and contemplation on action. This theory depict that the procedure of doing determination from making the relationship, understanding the manner we communicate, to happen out, kind out, and support and hold the determination we make. But in our group, I think Fisher ‘s theory is more suited to the determination devising in our group because possibly we have some common cultural background so that we have many thoughts and sentiments can do the consensus determinations, we save many clip to discourse or even convert to others. The other theory is besides suited for our squad that Robert ( 2004 ) pointed out that there are four stages for leader to consensus the determination. Preparation, presentation, treatment and understanding are these four phases.

At the first stage, all our squad members prepare to fall in and be the member of the treatment, so 2nd stage, our leader must province back uping grounds with advantages and disadvantages and every squad member have to listen really actively to make everyone ‘s place. And the following phase, treatment, the Team leader establishes the forum for group to discourse and build challenges. In this stage, squad member explore different positions and places through the treatment. Concluding stage is Agreement. In this stage every member agrees with a determination that they have made including members convince others of their ain point of view. In our group, I found that our squad leader is captive to be the leading technique is human dealingss.

1.5 Conflict within our group

As we know, struggle are inevitable in every groups, and struggle has become an of import component in the undertaking construction ( Kerzner, 2001 ) . I thought the struggle should be avoided in every state of affairs, but it is merely in the traditional construction ( Kerzner, 2011 ) . Because of the different type of administration construction struggle is the portion of alteration and allow the undertaking still travel on. In our squad, the common aims of undertaking must be specific, non complex, mensurable, disputing, resources, programs and processs and so on ( Kerzner, 2001 ) . However, five Chinese and Chinese stress the harmoniousness with every group members, so even we have different positions or different thoughts, we did non hold many struggles and argues, besides we are all good hearers and diplomats, co-operative and perceptive. Sometimes we avoided the confrontation and debar the clash might be happened in our group. Sometimes we were still be the individual who ever be obedient. Chen and Tjosvold ( 2002 ) besides revealed that the avoiding attack is related to distributive and synergistic justness perceptual experience in a negative manner. So there are non much struggles in our squad happened often, but merely map struggle and undertaking struggle were happened in our group instead dysfunctional and forces struggle. The most common type of struggles in our squad is about apportioning human resources and the struggle over cost and agenda. Owning to everyone ‘s different positions of each aim and we know why the struggle occur and the method that how we resolve the struggle. In our squad, I found that when we faced the struggle about the human resources such as how many interior decorators, assembly programs, and examiners in each period and following period, we ever use the rational manner to convert each other or merely be the obedient individual to make a understanding. At the first clip the struggle occur, we know how to decide it and we will cognize how to screen it out following clip that the struggle happened. For illustration, the proactive direction instead than reactive direction ( David,1973 ) . The aim in struggle we have known is consequences oriented, stressing, achievement so that we know it is worthy to pass clip to decide this struggle, and eventually we still decided how many human resources we have to utilize in first period, 2nd period and so on. In our squad, I found that we have many objective that we have to make up one’s mind it, within functional and task struggle, sometimes conflict produces good consequences. Other common factor in our group can be seen like the hazard that we ca n’t finish our undertaking punctual and the late bringing day of the month might do the fiscal jobs.

1.6 Team leading

Talk about the squad, it will besides speak about the leading. Leadership occurs in every squad and group. The leader is a individual who has strong influence within a squad and guides a squad toward consensus determinations. ( Robert,2006 ) Sometimes most team leader is good at developing at bettering the specific cognition and skill countries. ( Robert,2006 ) Besides the leader has the personality that forceful and relies strongly on his sentiment and judgement ( Kerzner,2001 ) . In our group, Actually There are no specific leader in the whole undertaking. Person A and Person E were the leaders in our squad. They had some techniques are coinciding with Richard Hodgetts ‘ theory in the first portion ( 1. ) Human relations- oriented leading techniques ( Kerzner, 2001 ) . At the first portion of his theory, Person A in our squad, he ever do every squad member experience everyone ‘s statement and everyone ‘s attempt is of import and have positive consequence to our undertaking exercising, besides let team members think themselves played the critical function in our squad. It is interesting that everyone can experience confident and convenient to give and talk out their statement even the statement we did n’t utilize at last. But the 2nd portion of Richard H. ( 2. ) Formal authority-oriented leading techniques ( Kerzner, 2001 ) I want to advert approximately is that everyone in our group have the same end – ” As fast bringing as possible, as low cost as possible. ” to make. Every squad members sometimes indicate out how great the loss will be if we do something or did n’t make something. As above reviewed, the leaders has be told that to construct on their strength ( Buckingham & A ; Clifton, 2001 ) , but non merely strength their ain ability but besides strengthen other members ‘ strength. Merely if did concentrate on others, the leading may be long term and everyone can portion it ( Dave,2012 ) .

1.7 Decision

In this undertaking, squad map can be seen by several ways. It can be seen by Belbin profile that everyone has different personalities and play different functions in our squad. It is of import that there are different characteristic in a squad. The personalities will be known within the squad lifecycle. Different sort interaction within the squad will be different in different phases in the squad lifecycle. Decision devising processs travel on fluently and do n’t hold many struggle because squad members know how to hold a understanding and give suggestion and the manner we communicate and exchange information to allow the squad work swimmingly. Leader played an of import function in the squad.

The ground for hapless cost public presentation and bettering method

2.1 Introduction

Project direction must compare the three chief factors in the undertaking: clip, cost, and public presentation. Undertaking director need to be after the budget of clip, cost, and public presentation. These three chief points can non be independent. Refers to be public presentation, Cost public presentation can be estimate seen clearly when utilizing the cost public presentation index ( CPI ) . Actually, cost public presentation index is related to the budget cost for work performed ( BCWP ) and the existent cost for work performed ( ACWP ) . Budget cost for work performed ( BCWP ) is the budget of cost for completed work. Actual cost for work performed ( ACWP ) is the existent expended in finishing the wok accomplished ( Zerner,2001 ) . The cost public presentation index is BCWP divided by ACWP. It means that higher BCWP and lower existent cost can do CPI higher, but sometimes the cost public presentation on undertaking is hapless. In this essay, some BCWP theories will be analysed and assessed. Using the direction cost and control system ( MCCS ) for cost control, and gives some information and attempt to calculate out the possible causes of hapless cost public presentation and the possible manner to better the hapless cost public presentation.

2.2 Possible causes of hapless cost public presentation

There are some possible grounds for this. One of the grounds is utilizing improper estimation. Undertaking director did n’t hold the cautious head to be after the cost, including utilizing incorrect planning and gauging techniques to command and pull off the cost. It ‘s of import that undertaking director need to happen the right and specific techniques will be used to be after in the undertaking ( Eugene and Arnold, 1982 ) . Second, the undertaking might be delayed to finish because if the clip factor in the undertaking might allow other factors such as labour cost and the accomplishments of labor required will be over spent by the labor gauging. In add-on, some operating expenses will increase or cipher wrongly. Furthermore, the inefficient manage squad allow the clip estimating of the undertaking is inaccurately, most undertakings will be more delayed than the squad estimating. The director has no leading to pull off and command their squad or there are many struggles within every squad members so that the manage squad can non make the accurate estimating and efficient plants of undertaking direction. However, how to command and pull off the cost public presentation will be an of import issue for the undertaking director. Undertaking ‘s cost direction needs to finish undertaking within the sanctioned budget ( YEH,2012 ) . For the undertaking director, there are three chief procedures in undertaking cost direction which are cost estimating, cost budgeting, and cost control.

2.3Cost gauging

Every trough needs to cognize the cost gauging procedure. The procedure are as followed: ( 1. ) Manager needs to develop the WBS ( Work Breakdown Structure ) , ( 2. ) Schedule the undertakings, ( 3. ) Retrieve historic dramatis personae informations, ( 4. ) Develop cost relationships, ( 5. ) Allow for acquisition, ( 6. ) Identify accomplishments and pay rates, ( 7. ) Develop labour and material cost, ( 8. ) Develop operating expense and admin cost, ( 9. ) Apply escalation and rising prices, ( 10. ) Calculate estimation, ( 11. ) Analyse, adjust and support, ( 12. ) Publish

( Mike, 2012 ) . It is necessary that first of all demands to develop the work dislocation construction. It can be seen really clearly that how much work bundles should be done by work groups of the entire undertaking. After that, estimate cost of each work dislocation construction that can be divided into four parts: labor cost, stuffs, disbursals, and overheads. This essay will analyze different techniques of cost estimating.

The cost can be estimated in several ways. In add-on, undertaking director should non utilize merely one peculiar technique but besides need to compare all possible techniques. There is no 1 can demo the whole and right estimating ( Eugene and Alnold,1982 ) . Cost appraisal aims to develop the costs of all resources needed in the whole undertaking completion. Cost appraisal besides needs to be after process group to understand the agenda and allocated the resources in the whole undertaking.

2.3.1 gauging techniques

Tools and techniques are besides of import parts of cost estimating. This essay will indicate out the two most of import techniques of cost estimating which are bottom-up estimating, top-down estimating, functional estimating and parametric estimating. The bottom-up estimating is the all small undertakings are estimated independently and the director should sum up to get at the sum undertaking cost ( Eugene and Arnold,1982 ) . bottom-up estimating estimates the cost of single work or agenda activities with the low degree work bundles and easy to command because it can be easier estimated in little undertakings and every piece of stuff bought than overall attempts can non be estimated. For bettering the hapless cost public presentation, director demands to cognize the possible job of bottom-up estimating. It ‘s excessively much eventuality allowance in the concluding estimation for the state of affairs. Bottom-up estimating is less accurate and needs adept and experience but it is less dearly-won ( Yeh,2012 ) . The other estimating technique is top-down gauging. This estimates the big blocks of attempt by comparing current undertaking and earlier experience. Director can merely utilize this technique with the historical information to compare each other. It ‘s difficult to be accurate estimation when 1 has no earlier experience. The bottom-up estimating is needed to utilize in a precedency chart because the work dislocation construction begins with big blocks while a precedency chart gives all the elemental undertakings so that is suited to utilize bottom-up estimating. But, director should cognize how to take a right estimating technique? Eugene and Arnold ( 1982 ) pointed out that top-down estimating should be used in a work dislocation construction, this technique is that director should ticket the undertaking has been done in the past and compare them for different size, range, or hazard ( Tuner, 2009 ) . The 3rd estimating technique is functional gauging. This is the technique that estimates from past experience the cost of presenting each map. The last technique is parametric gauging. This is the technique should be used in ulterior phases of the life rhythm. All of them can sum up and give the undertaking squad an apprehension of direction ‘s outlooks. While determine resource cost rate and parametric estimating, undertaking direction package, Vendor command analysis, Reserve analysis, and cost quality are besides the tools of cost estimating. ( Yeh, 2012 )

2.4 Cost budgeting

Cost budgeting set up a cost baseline to cognize how much different between the existent cost and the budgeting of the cost with the agenda and the cost. Cost baseline is a time-phased budget and normally displayed in the signifier of an S-curve. The comparing can take in different signifiers, but one comparing is to compare the outgos to the budget for each period. It indicates that how good is traveling of the undertaking. This can state that comparing with budget and outgo if the budget is more or less of budget of predating period. One of the of import issue that the director demand to concern about is overspending. When accrued outgos exceed the upper line, director should re-plan the balance of the undertaking to reason it. There are three chief cost budget for the undertaking: a budget for the labor, a budget for the support services, and a budget for purchased services, equipment and stuffs for utile techniques ( Eugene and Arnold, 1982 ) . It is so of import that undertaking director has to set up good single budgets for different work elements so as to be certain the entire labour budget does non transcend the entire budget in that undertaking. Budgets for services, equipment and stuff to be got from providers should be more specific and identified individually and prepared carefully because providers might non supply the replying troubles when they face to the troubles and supplies might neglect to present. It might be more than the old budgeting.

2.5 Cost control

Eugene and Arnold ( 1982 ) pointed out that cost control is based on cost outlooks, cost measurings, and budget-measurement comparings. Kerzner ( 2001 ) pointed out that be aftering and commanding the cost of the undertaking, at first, the director should gives a advancement or image of the undertaking you will traveling to make. Besides, cost control is non merely the advancement, but besides the cost and agenda public presentation. Cost control contains many sorts of cost direction such as cost estimating, accounting, undertaking hard currency flow, labour costing and many sorts of bing. Tuner ( 2009 ) listed out several constituents of cost. Cost can be listed in nine parts. The first is about the “ labor ” , which contains the cost of people employed and besides people presenting and planing the new plus. The 2nd one from Tuner ( 2009 ) is “ stuffs ” , which contains the concluding merchandise and the consuming used and includes hardware and package. The 3rd one is “ works and equipment ” , which is sort of stuff but is non consumed, and can be reclaimable such as the works, machines, and impermanent adjustment. The 4th portion of cost is “ subcontract ” , which is the cost that includes labour and stuffs that is from outside contractors. The 5th constituent of cost is “ direction operating expenses and disposal ” , which is the operating expense of direction. For illustration, every cost related to the director and squad leaders, likely three to six per centum of the cost of the whole undertaking ( Tuner, 2009 ) . The 6th cost constituent is related to “ finance ” . It is the most of import portion of the whole undertaking, and it can be saved by carefully scheduling hard currency flow ( Tuner, 2009 ) . The 7th point is “ fees and revenue enhancement ” , which can be divided as insurance and the license understandings and revenue enhancement. The 8th portion is “ rising prices ” . It is besides of import portion of the whole undertaking even though it is low rising prices presents particularly in contractors offering. The last portion of cost is “ Contingency ” . This is the portion people estimate their undertaking cost with tolerance.

2.6 How does director command the cost in the undertaking?

First of all, director should make up one’s mind what the following action by many understand different indexes. Cost public presentation index ( CPI ) non merely the expression above I have mentioned but besides the earned value ( EV ) is divided by existent cost ( AC ) ( Jim,2001 ) . If CPI is equal to one, we have perfect public presentation and the planned and existent cost are equal, it means the cost precisely as budget. On the other manus, if the CPI is greater than one it means we have exceeding public presentation and under budget, while the CPI is less than one that we have hapless public presentation and the undertaking is over budget. In the fiscal portion, Earned value is of import. Earned value is a undertaking public presentation technique to compare the range, clip, and cost informations ( Jim, 2001 ) . Earned value is the budgeted cost of work scheduled ( BCWS ) times the per centum of undertaking completed. Manager need to cipher the difference, which is called the discrepancy, and the last is taking action harmonizing to the size of the discrepancy. There are two of import figures to analyze the fiscal portion. There are cost discrepancy and agenda discrepancy. The cost discrepancy ( CV ) is the earned value minus the existent cost. If this figure is a positive figure it means that the undertaking is under the budget while if this figure is a negative figure, it means that this undertaking is cost more than planned. Another figure is schedule discrepancy ( SV ) which is the eared value minus the planned value. If this figure is positive, it means that the undertaking is in front of agenda while if this figure is a negative figure, it means that the undertaking took longer clip than planned. Control this figures that director can easy cognize how undertakings are executing. All costs are related to all resource in the undertaking. Obtain support, pull offing hard currency flow, and allocate resources such as human resources, gauging the continuance of the work, and the last is fixing stamps ( Tuner, 2009 ) .Besides, “ Budget ” is truly of import in every undertaking, every undertaking director should set up direct labour budgets and set up overhead budgets. Why is budget so of import? Because budget means that the undertaking director how to mensurate the resource consumed, position and achievement. The budget can be divided into two chief subdivisions: ( 1 ) Performance consequences criterions and ( 2 ) Procedure criterions ( Kerzners,2001 ) . Quality, measure and cost and the time-to-complete are belong to the first class while forces, functional and physical factors relationship are belong to the 2nd 1. It ‘s clearly to see that single figure in each portion for the director. Kerzner points out that the best budget must place planned manpower demands, contract allocated financess, and direction modesty. The budget is non merely the old mentioning about, but besides includes in four different portion: ( 1 ) Distributed budget, ( 2 ) Management modesty, ( 3 ) undistributed budget, ( 4 ) contract alterations. In add-on, He besides mentioned the undistributed budget likely is clip constrained ( Kerzner, 2001 ) . The most of import is that the undertaking director has the ability to compare those measurings to project and criterions. After that, the undertaking director should supply the footing for the diagnosing and re-plan those budgets. Sometimes, when the undertaking trough run into larger undertakings so director needs a squad to use that. At the beginning, undertaking director should compare the resources expended to informations and those predetermined. Besides, director demand to gauge of the work staying and the impact on activity completion in undertaking program, agenda, and budget prepared during the planning stage. The most of import of that is that director has to place possible jobs in the whole undertaking and besides respect all resources. It ‘s clearly to see those figures and do the right determinations. The lone factor has non been pointed out is external factors that are non governable and they are external such as the inflation.such as the monetary value of gasoline. If the monetary value of gasoline goes up, therefore the undertaking cost would hold gone up decidedly.

2.7 Decision

There are several grounds for the hapless cost public presentation on undertaking such as director usage improper estimation in the incorrect manner or did n’t finish the undertaking on clip, and the hapless undertaking squad, etc. But the lone aim the director needs to make is allow the cost down more than the budget. Otherwise the Trying to allow the existent cost for work public presentation ( ACWP ) so that other figure and index will non be hapless.


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