Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton

“Living History” by Hillary Rodham Clinton The book Living History is an autobiography which is written by Hillary Rodham Clinton. It was published to the world in 2003 to prepare the American individuals of her run for the presidency.

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When Hillary Clinton was asked why did she choose to write everything since her girlhood through her Senate election days, and her reply was that, she started writing the book Living History since her days as the first lady but then she realized that her life as a first lady could not be explained unless she went all the way back to the beginning with her readers. The book entrails the life of Hillary Clinton from her teenage days spent in the suburbs of Chicago through her days of election which led her to the senate. The book caters to both the supporters and the detractors of Hillary Clinton.

To start with the latter of the two categories of the followers, the chapters of the books that provides fuel for the detractors’ of Hillary are the chapters which cover the Whitewater investigations, the chapter which covers the period of her life which entrails Monica Lewinsky , the chapter which covers her failure to form an effective and efficient taskforce to overcome the healthcare problems pertaining within the United States of America, and the chapter which entrails the worst episode in the life of Bill Clinton as the President of the United States and her reaction to impeachment.

The chapters which fodder the supporters of Hillary Clinton are going to be the ones pertaining, about her graduation speech at Wellesley which was her introduction to fame at a public level; the chapter which covers her time which describes her role as the First Lady; the chapter which covers the trip which she made to China and the famous speech she gave there, and the chapter which covers the conversations she had with Eleanor Roosevelt.

Most of the book is written in a neutral tone, and most of the book is personal impressions of Hillary on historic events and the history of her personal life. This book was crucial for her Hillary Clinton as she was running for president and when one individual runs for the prestige of becoming the President of the United States of America, these personal matters become of grave importance.

Some time in the spring of 2001, Monica Lewinsky was being interviewed in New York and was asked if she has ever regretted her affair with Bill Clinton, the President of United States of America, and how did she feel about herself after wounding the First Lady, and she coldly said that she thought she is never going to find out, but Hillary Clinton found out about it along the rest of the world before the horrors of the 9/11, before the war on Iraq, this scandalous affair seems like an antiquity that has survived from the distant past which reflects upon a more protected and insular timeframe of America.

The personal lives of big political figures when exposed, opens up big unprecedented hysteria across the nations, and this notion is buttressed by the day sales publication of Hillary Clinton’s autobiography of her days in the White House. The book created the curiosity amongst the gratuitous followers of Hillary Clinton about how she felt betrayed. This autobiography is very dull, cautious and wary. The readers wanted to know more about how she felt about the betrayal and her book, which is written upon five hundred and sixty two pages, dictates her feelings or reactions upon the betrayal in merely three pages.

Although Hillary Clinton’s continued claims in her book that she had no knowledge about the affair her husband, Bill Clinton, was having; and the critics have long been skeptic upon this claim of hers. In her book she wrote how she and her husband got marriage counseling which made her ask herself and her husband some questions whose answers were bitter poison. She doesn’t elaborate and even fails to shed a little light upon what those questions were. The book seems to be written so that it does not settle any score and dishes up no gossips to be talked about.

Throughout her book she seems to have categorized her acquaintances in to three brackets which would be trusted friends, good friends and friends, and throughout the book she never holds a negative opinion against anyone. The writing style of Hillary Clinton, although upbeat, has been a victim of her seriousness, which pertains to her moral believes, which makes the whole book humorless. The most revealing and intimate parts of the autobiography entrails her talks about her mother and father. Dorothy Howell Rodham, was her mother, was raised in a strict atmosphere governed by Hillary’s grandparents.

Dorothy was working since the age 14 as a mother’s helper and Hillary’s grandfather was sparing and stinting republican and maintained a Midwestern ideology with his republican political view. The relationship of adolescent Dorothy with her father was such which would have a rise with a quarrel and take a quiet tide with silence. And she further writes that Bill Clinton entered her life with the kind of ambition, magnetism and ebullience which gave her something liberating and new in life. The main theme of the autobiography revolves around Hillary Clinton’s actions as a First Lady.

A role which she came to terms with as both symbolic and surrogate. Hillary Clinton’s analysis of her role as a First Lady seems self regarding and grandiose to some while other individuals have argued that Hillary Clinton formally rejects and disavows her responsibility by talking about the manifestations of a celebrity or any identity. But as the pages kept turning, one individual can deduce that gradual understanding she began to have about the secondary period of her life, in spite of the transparency, this brief part is the true dictation of her autobiography.

And also this realization makes this book a feminist document which can be regarded in high value. Hillary Clinton was unsure of what she should do and disheartened, when she dealt with the terrible midterm elections which took place after her health care reforms went through a massive failure. The power of a First Lady is not independent but derivative and Hillary Clinton was not able to adjust in becoming a person who is supposed to be a full time alternate deputy.

But at this time in her life, Hillary Clinton came to terms with the act of being the First Lady and understood the symbolic nature of the role and she figured out how to make it on the world stage and best of it at home. In her book, Hillary Clinton, has failed to shed any light upon her decision to stay with her husband, Bill Clinton. But she successfully explains her determination to run for Senate in New York. Hillary Clinton has portrays herself as a person who has been brought up with contradicting political believes with a faith, which can be easily ridiculed, in making the social stratum a better place to dwell in.

Such ideals and beliefs have rarely survived the practical realities of the urban politics which exists in a party and the harsh clashes which a political figure must be strong enough to face. But what this book is really trying to tell is the fact that Hillary Clinton found, which made her live through time, was that it was easier to act as a surrogate rather than facing the consequences of her own failures and the fear of having to carry out an operation under own power. Thus the message of the Living History is delivered.


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