Just Being a Girl

She’s Just Being a Girl
The other day my little brother and I were sitting in my room playing video games. After a few minutes of playing, he looked at me and asked me a very strange question: “Why are girls so weird?” At first, I thought, well, the answer to that is easy. They are just girls. That’s how I’ve always thought about the way girls act, but then I began to think about it more. Why are girls so weird Girls are so much more different than boys. They are always crying and whining about something. “Why don’t you do this”, or “why don’t you do that”. In my opinion, they are never satisfied. However, when you finally do something right, they are grateful. On the other hand, guys could care less. Most guys are egotistical. They would rather do something themselves than let another person do it for them, but, when someone does something for them, they are always appreciative. There are some girls, though, that are the complete opposite, like my girlfriend, of course.
A plus side to girls is that they are usually good at cooking. Most girls spend a lot of their childhood cooking with their own mothers and are (hopefully) good at cooking by the time they are in a serious relationship. Guys, however, usually only know how to make cereal. At least that’s how I am. Most of the guys I know have never cooked a full meal a day in their life. I guess that one makes girls seem like life savers rather than weird.
Girls also can never make up their minds. Whenever you ask a girl what she wants, she is never straight forward with you. Usually, you have to force it out of her or just guess and pray that you’re right, which, most of the time, you’re wrong. I hate to say it, but, even my girlfriend is like this on some occasions. Guys are the exact opposite. They know exactly what they want and when they want it. They are almost always straight forward about any situation and they never “beat around the bush”. It really is crazy to think about how much girls and…

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