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Awards Society Entrance Essay Essay, Research Paper

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A pupil that represents the National Honors Society should be good rounded in the countries of faculty members, leading, character and service. I feel that I am one of these pupils. I surpass the demand for faculty members by keeping more than an 88 class point norm for at least five semesters. My academic norm is non merely a figure to me. I came into Newtown High School with merely one awards class. By senior twelvemonth I will be in all awards categories in add-on to one AP. This did non go on overnight. I worked in every category to acquire good classs and prove to my college homework instructors that I could win in awards level classs. The similar state of affairs happened to me in the music section. In 8th class I was convinced that I would be the worst flute participant come ining the Newtown High School music plan. With this fright I elected to take Orchestra in hopes that the music director would non cognize every bit much about my instrument. Throughout my first-year twelvemonth I worked difficult to better my accomplishments. When I completed playing my concluding test piece that June, the instructor congratulated me and suggested that I begin private lessons. By the terminal of second-year twelvemonth I had developed plenty accomplishment and assurance to travel into the Band plan. I am now 4th chair in the Symphonic Band, and following twelvemonth I hope to be in Wind Ensemble. I have decided to fall in Marching Band following twelvemonth, and I plan on go oning my music surveies though college.

I feel that I demonstrate leading in school and in other activities, particularly through umpiring hoops. One might non understand how a refereeing place could associate to leading until they sit down and watch what goes on during a game. I remember playing hoops for the Newtown Parks & A ; Recreation plan when I was younger, and my favourite portion ( other so winning ) was to speaking to the high school pupil referees after the games. There was one referee in peculiar that spoke with me after every game to reexamine how I did and discourse what I needed to work on for the following hebdomad. She made me realized that I was a strong participant, and she besides made me experience of import. Now that I am umpiring, I see that the hoops participants look up to me. I try to make my best to do them experience particular and to promote them to develop their endowments. I understand that they look up to me because I am older, and I do whatever I can to be a positive function theoretical account.

A National Honor Society Student must be a individual of good character, and I believe that a individual? s character is defined through their attitud

e. I take a positive attack toward school and everything I am involved in. My character shows through my work and the other things I do, whether it is a study for school or a babysitting occupation. For illustration, if I am composing a paper, I ever seek my best to be originative, to do certain that I include all of the necessary points, and to manus it in on clip. Whenever I babysit I try to maintain the kids involved in merriment activities instead so sit in forepart of the Television.

Finally, an Honor Society Student must demo service for their school and community. I do this through my engagement in extracurricular activities and by volunteering in the community. I take park in athleticss throughout the twelvemonth for several grounds. I like to remain in good physical form. I find that when I am active I tend to acquire more done, be in better tempers, and bring forth higher quality work. I besides like competition because it gives me a end to endeavor for. This twelvemonth I became involved in the school drama by fall ining the cavity orchestra, and I will be playing the flute in two of the four shows. I am proud to stand for Newtown High School in these extracurricular activities. As a voluntary last summer I spent a twenty-four hours working at the Audubon Preserve in Southbury. More significantly, I enjoyed volunteering as a cantonment counsellor at Newtown? s Treadwell Park. I volunteered for one hundred 20 hours at that place, playing and working with kindergarten kids six hours mundane. I became a function theoretical account to those kids and a friend. By the terminal of the summer I felt a particular bond with many of them. It was a satisfying and worthwhile experience that taught me how to manage of import state of affairss affecting the attention and safety of the kids. At the same clip the kids taught me how to be originative, playful, and carefree.

When I foremost received this package to use for the National Honors Society I was shocked and flattered. I did non even think to look on the list next to the counsel door, since I ne’er thought I would be nominated. I knew I had good classs and that I was a difficult working pupil, but I ne’er imagined that the Honor Society was interested in person like myself. As I foremost flipped through the package I laughed because I did non believe that I took park in anything that would assist me make full out these sheet. It was non until I sat at my bed and set some idea into what I have been involved in for the past three old ages that I realized what I have accomplished. I now realize that I have many qualities that make me a worthy applier. I would be proud to be accepted into the Newtown High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.


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