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Grocery Wars Essay, Research Paper

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The Grocery Store War

Every individual must purchase food markets. In Brevard County, a consumer has three food market shops where they can buy nutrient, Winn Dixie, Publix, and Albertson & # 8217 ; s. Although they are all food market shops and they all sell nutrient, they differ greatly in client service. Consumers will shop where they best feel welcomed and receive superior client service.

Winn Dixie, a south eastern supermarket, has over 12 shops in Brevard County. Their company logo, & # 8220 ; the beef people & # 8221 ; , decidedly does non demo what they think client service means. Like other food market shops, they have good shops and they have bad shops. Some good shops have smiling, helpful employees while a bulk of the shops merely employ & # 8220 ; warm organic structures & # 8221 ; . Although clients spend their hard earned money in their shop, most employees don & # 8217 ; t seem to care if clients come or non. Furthermore, a deficiency in appropriate aid shows. It seems that Winn Dixie does non hold adequate people working to help the clients that shop within their shop. The parking batch normally has an extra figure of shopping carts. Since the carts take up all the parking infinites, clients must either acquire out and travel them or park farther off. This inconvienences the clients and may do disabled persons to park at a distance excessively far off from the shop. A client may come to reason, they can non perchance run the interior any better than they can run the exterior. Meanwhile, at the registries, overpowering lines await the client that is ready to look into out, with no alleviation in sight. Then the teller has to bag up the order or the client themselves must bag their ain food markets. At least at Publix, they have packers to bag up the food markets. One thing Winn Dixie could make better, talk to their clients and supply equal aid to help their clients.

Publix, a Florida based supermarket, has over 15 shops in Brevard County. The company logo, & # 8220 ; Where shopping is a pleasance & # 8221 ; , does non needfully refer to each and every shop. In some shops, clients meet friendly employees, ready and willing to assist run into their every demand. Although they normally have an copiousness of aid available, they & # 8217 ; re non really helpful. For case, several tellers, non waiting on clients, smiling as a copper

stomer walks by. They may even state hullo. By contrast, some employees may look more annoyed by clients inquiries than desiring to delight them. For illustration, two tellers, non waiting on clients, talk about their weekend programs, alternatively of assisting clients. A client walks up, ready to look into out, and sees the two tellers non working. Logically, the client would believe that they can be waited on instantly. Unfortunately, these two tellers do non desire to be interrupted by something every bit undistinguished as a client. The packer normally bags the order right. One thing that Publix could make better, talk to their clients and anticipate the demands of their clients before the client even knows what they want. Make the clients feel that they are figure one!

Albertson & # 8217 ; s, a Boise Idaho based supermarket, has merely 3 shops within Brevard County. The company logo, & # 8220 ; It & # 8217 ; s your shop & # 8221 ; , seems to suit these three shops. When a client drives into an Albertson & # 8217 ; s parking batch, the first thing noticed is how clean the parking batch seems. Carts do non barricade parking infinites. Rubbish does non roll up by the grassy islands. The interior of the shop shows every bit good as the exterior. All employees follow a four square policy, where they must recognize each client that comes within four tile squares of them. A Front terminal director directs clients to the fastest lanes. Even though tellers greet each client, they should inquire everyone if they found everything they needed. If the client did non happen everything, the teller asks the packer to happen the point the client needs. This helps the shop gross revenues every bit good as the client. The packer bags the order and so does something that neither one of the other two rivals do. They take out the client & # 8217 ; s food markets and puts them into their auto, free of charge. Since the packers go outdoors often, the shopping carts do non roll up in the parking batch. That is taking client service one measure further than the remainder!

Although clients have a assortment of shopping centres to purchase food markets, they will shop where they feel most welcomed and apprehended. Winn Dixie, Publix, and Albertson & # 8217 ; s are their picks. Each company offers a different degree in client service. Harmonizing to client service criterions, where will they shop? Albertson & # 8217 ; s. Why? Because & # 8220 ; It & # 8217 ; s their shop! & # 8221 ;


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