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The Flag Essay & # 8212 ; What It Represents

The flag of the United States is really of import to the citizens of the United States and their stricken states. The hodgepodge of stars and chevrons gave alleviation to many, hope to even more, and a sense of impending day of reckoning to it & # 8217 ; s enemies. Through history, the flag went through many trials, in which the flag that represented the Unites States proved winning. It represented freedom and the land of chance. In other words, the US flag became an international symbol of freedom and chance.

As observed in the crossing of the Delaware, the early flag is in a manner taking and beat uping the work forces on their onslaught across the river. Although the epoch of the flag in the image is wrong, the significance is clear. At that point, the trial for the flag and the state it represented was: & # 8216 ; Can the provinces rally themselves to a united attempt for independency? & # 8217 ; and & # 8216 ; Even if the provinces get their independency, will they last? & # 8217 ; As history went on, the provinces won their independency, and the state survived, despite the uncertainties of some European states. The 2nd large set of trials came up in the clip when belligerencies between the North and the South were to the breakage point, the full South seceded, and General Lee seemed unbeatable. The difference between this and other wars was that the Americans fought between each other. The trial for the North was: & # 8216 ; Can the United States stay together? & # 8217 ; and & # 8216 ; Although divided, can the flag and the state rally adequate support to forestall sezession? & # 8217 ; The American Civil War threatened the integrity of the state and the full continent because of westbound enlargement. Many states watched the struggle from the out of boundss. They either sided for the Union, or sided for the Confederates. Some even believed that the states will kill each other and both would discontinue to be. As the British Thomas Carlyle one time said, & # 8216 ; Americans are cutting each other & # 8217 ; s pharynxs because one half prefers engaging retainers for life and the other by the hour. & # 8217 ; He was proven incorrect. Although the South was all but destroyed, the secessionist provinces were readmitted to the Union, as Lincoln one time said, & # 8216 ; & # 8230 ; maliciousness towards none, and charity for all & # 8230 ; & # 8217 ; Right after the Civil War, the trial of whether the North and South would accommodate emerged. Then when the inquiry of civil rights came up, the Flag of the United States replied by giving everyone rights and extinguishing segregation, although it took a long clip, better tardily than ne’er, right? In World War 2, Hitler boasted and thought that his immature work forces would outfight the Americans. He was certain that the spoilt boies of democracy were unable to vie against the solid boies of absolutism. The trials that came to dispute the state and flag were: & # 8216 ; Can America make a citizen ground forces from abrasion? & # 8217 ; & # 8216 ; Can the ground forces defeat the Wehrmacht? & # 8217 ; & # 8216 ; Is America able to supply good adequate leaders for an eight-million adult male ground forces? & # 8217 ; Hitler had thought non, and so in the autumn of 1945 he is dead because of undervaluing the Anglo-Americans and the Russians. Afterwards, America and the USSR emerged from the war as s

uperpowers. Merely America came out comparatively unharmed. The concluding large trial that came was: ‘Can the Flag and the US step up to the Soviet Juggernaut and halt worldwide communism? ’ At the terminal of the Cold War, America remained strong and the Soviet Union collapsed.

The US Flag became a symbol of freedom, where one & # 8217 ; s personal freedoms are guaranteed and guarded by the armed forces. The American Freedom of Information Act hardly allows the authorities to maintain secrets from the people. The sight of the flag gave people hope and symbolized freedom from war and subjugation where the POWs and refugees are taken attention of. It besides showed the US & # 8217 ; s attempts to keep peace. The flag symbolized freedom of faith and political relations, freedom to bear weaponries, freedom from forced quartering of military personnels, freedom from unreasonable hunts, the freedom to hold a life, the freedom to hold autonomy, the freedom to ain belongings, the freedom to hold protection in condemnable tests, freedom from being enslaved, and the freedom from inordinate bonds and unusual penalties. An anon. GI one time said: & # 8216 ; Imagine this. In the spring of 1945, around the universe, the sight of a twelve-man squad of teenage male childs, armed and in uniform, brought panic to people & # 8217 ; s Black Marias. Whether it be the Red Army squad in Berlin, Leipzig, or Warsaw, or a German squad in Holland, or a Nipponese squad in Manila, Seoul, or Beijing, that squad meant colza, loot, robbery, wanton devastation, mindless violent death. But there was an exclusion: a squad of GIs, a sight that brought the biggest smilings you of all time saw to the people & # 8217 ; s lips, and joy to their hearts. & # 8217 ; This was true, because in Post-War Europe, a GI meant confect, coffin nails, C-rations, and freedom. The GIs were at that place to emancipate, non conquer, aid, and non terrorise. Everywhere the US Flag went, it brought felicity, and in most instances, freedom.

Finally, the flag represented a land of chance, where venture capitalist economy was a baronial and make bolding art, so that anyone with a sensible innovation in their garage could happen capital to endorse it. The land represented has bankruptcy Torahs that encourage people who fail in fiscal affairs to seek once more. In Silicon Valley, bankruptcy is viewed as inevitable and necessary to innovation and see. This attitude makes people take opportunities, and if they do acquire ruin, they can ever travel to Palo Alto and be welcomed with unfastened weaponries. The land besides provides instruction for all and scholarships so if anyone is smart plenty, they can travel to virtually any college and university. Obtaining citizenships for this state is besides instead simple and there is ever a opportunity that one could acquire fantastically rich. In that delineated land, everyone is viewed as equal, so a late arrived immigrant can travel to the top concerns, infirmaries, and universities. Grustav Spreckels recalled a guard stating him, & # 8216 ; throw everything off. America is rich and you will acquire everything new. & # 8217 ;

Through history, the American Flag represented freedom and chance. Besides through history, the same flag encountered trials in freedom, rights, solidarity, etc. It will stay so for the remainder of the universe and to the people of the universe.


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