Ethical Issues Surrounding the Bp Oil Spill Essay

The BP Oil Spill which happened on April 20. 2010. was the largest offshore oil spill in U. S. history let go ofing about 185 million gallons of rough oil into the gulf. This event was the consequence of a wellspring on the Deepwater Horizon oil boring platform blowing out in the Gulf of Mexico about 40 stat mis south-east offs the Louisiana coastline. Eleven work forces working on the oil rig platform were killed and 17 others were injured. Peoples support and the environment were devastated by this event. Ethical quandary. issues. and facts

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This incident captivated the universe and had enormous media presence and authorities engagement. but as inquiries arose. ethical issues started to emerge. This paper will take a expression at the ethical issues environing the oil spill specifically refering to the environment and possible honestness issues.

First was the sheer magnitude of the harm the spill which will hold an impact to the wildlife in the Gulf and the ecosystem for old ages to come and who really was responsible for the killing. BP began to fault others and would non take full responsible for the event. However. BP did admit the oil soaked wildlife. natural home grounds that would be destroyed by the oil. therefore impacting many different type of species. BP did speak about the stat mis long submerged plumes of oil. but would non discourse if the big plumes of oil had the possible to toxicant and suffocate life across the nutrient concatenation. which was what many people did believe was go oning.

The chemical dispersants that were used on the oil were besides alone to the Deepwater Horizon and its effects on the animate beings were unknown. but they were used anyhow. The job with utilizing dispersants on the oil is that this type of intervention was considered experimental and they did non cognize for certain how the chemical would impact the animate being. many believe that the chemical dispersants are toxic to many of the animals could be potentially deadly to the animate beings.

The 2nd ethical issues arose when BP tried to cover up precisely how much oil was leaking into the ocean. The authorities believed that there was a larger sum of oil that was released into the ocean so BP admitted to. Besides. BPs delays in advising the authorities and the American people of ongoing issues with seeking to crest the well. added fuel the fire. This made many people believe that BP was seeking to cover-up their errors and hapless determinations. Stakeholders

There are so many stakeholders affected by this event. The people who work for the fishing and seafood industries. the touristry industry. eating houses and nines will be affected by the spill. Besides. every bit vested are the people who are belongings proprietors. tenants. and vacationists. All the people who worked on the BP rig and many of the other boring companies that are located in the gulf were affected by this event. Options

Option one is for the authorities to step in and take complete control of the state of affairs and guarantee that all affected people. animate beings and the environment be compensated for the desolation that is oil spill has inflected.

Option two is for the BP to step up to the home base and rather puting the incrimination on others and ain and be responsible for this incident.

Arguments Option one does hold legal executions. but it would guarantee that all stakeholders directed affected by the oil spill would be covered. Option one is presently being pursued by the Obama disposal and the Justice Department. They filed a case. which wants eight companies to be held apt without restriction for all remotion costs and amendss caused by the oil spill. including amendss to natural resources. The case besides seeks civil punishments under the Clean Water Act.

Harmonizing to The Times-Picayune. “The case alleges that safety and operating ordinances were violated in the period taking up to April 20. ” The case states that BP failed to maintain the Macondo good under control during that period and failed to utilize the best available and safest boring engineering to supervise the well’s conditions. The case besides stated that BP failed to keep uninterrupted surveillance and keep its equipment which would hold been used to guarantee the safety and protection of forces. equipment. natural resources and the environment.

This option has applied the Utilitarian Benefits. the US Government is traveling to guarantee that the greatest benefits for the largest figure of people is applied. which in the instance is the all the people straight affected by the oil spill. These people are the people who work for the fishing and seafood industries. the touristry industry. eating houses and nines will be affected by the spill. Besides. every bit vested are the people who are belongings proprietors. tenants. and vacationists.

Option two has many economical. legal. and ethical dimensions to it. First. if BP decides to take full duty for the oil spill. this would intend that are 100 % apt for the event. They would hold to pay out compensation to all affected stakeholders and fix the environmental impacts that were caused by the oil spill. This has the possible to be one million millions of dollars and possible put BP out of concern. which would so impact its employees and stakeholders. which BP has an duty excessively besides. I really earnestly doubt that this is the option any major company would take. The fact that the authorities had to step in and seek to retrieve financess makes this option more of a phantasy than a world. Measuring the statements

I believe that Option one is the best option to take because it is apparent that BP is non traveling to wholly have up its duty. BP knows that it will be one million millions of dollars to clean up the spill. counterbalance all stakeholders and reconstruct the environment. I do believe nevertheless that BP does cognize it is responsible for the oil spill and they will merely make what is minimally required by the jurisprudence. which means that the authorities will hold to step in and do BP owns its duty. This option besides offers the greater benefit for the most affected people and covers the killing for the environment.

Option two will necessitate BP to admit its duty associated with the event and the credence of the complete economical and legal impact on its company. BP has a duty to its stakeholders and employees which would do option two non feasible. BP knows that it is better for its company’s survivability to fault others and have the other companies portion in the cost. Decision

Option two is the most ethical pick to do. BP is at mistake and they should be held accountable to clean up after themselves. What has happened to the construct of answerability. and taking ownership of one’s picks? To me it seems that in today times. companies are less concerned about the using ethical and making what is right and good for the people and the Earth. alternatively they are avaricious driven strictly by net incomes.


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