Ethanol Production from Banana Peels Essay


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This survey entitled “Ethanol Production from Waste Banana Peelings” purposes to bring forth an alternate manner in bring forthing energy. Production of green energy from waste stuff has played an of import function in recent yearss due to the depletion of non-renewable energy resources. Ethyl intoxicant normally called as Ethanol. is found utile widely as an alternate fuel for engines. In position of the turning demand of the ethyl alcohol. hunt of an alternate beginning for its production has besides been increased.

Banana is one of the most familar and widely used fruit. Harmonizing to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. India is the largest banana bring forthing state. Many points like banana french friess. juice. banana cue are made from banana. After the ingestion of the flesh. the desquamations are merely thrown as refuse with no usage. India is confronting two major jobs. energy crisis and proper waste disposal. So. we are here with an thought of utilizing that waste desquamations to bring forth ethyl alcohol to assist for its increasing demand in the present state of affairs.


The production of Ethanol from Banana Peels involves two stages.
I ) Agitation
two ) Distillation

The Peels of nendran assortment of bananas are taken as they are rich in cellulose and are kept in hot oven at 338K and dried sample is taken and is dissolved in hot H2O for amylum extraction through soxhlet setup. This solution is treated with amylase enzyme for hydrolysis of amylum to happen. It is the subjected to fermentation procedure by vaccination of S. cerevisiae for 3 yearss at 300K which consequences in the production of ethyl alcohol.

Ethyl alcohol from the solution is extracted by the Steam distillment which is the most efficient of all the distillment processes. Steam is supplied from the top of the flask in which ethanol solution is present and the ethyl alcohol bluess are collected from another mercantile establishment and are cooled to obtain ethyl alcohol.

Consequence: For 320 gram of dried sample. this yields 18. 36 % of the ethanol production.

The chief advantage of Ethanol is its organic beginnings. Ethyl alcohol does fire cleaner than gasolene and besides doesnot contain important sums of toxic stuffs like lead and benzine. When Ethanol of 15 % when blended with 75 % of gasolene is used for vehicles. it emits less sum of toxic substances relatively.


This experiment finds an effectual bio-waste that could be converted into ethyl alcohol to assist alleviate the dependence on oil and the environment. Banana Peel is a wastage stuff by utilizing it we can bring forth more ethyl alcohol because it has more sugar when compared to other family bio-wastages. This besides meets the demand of energy crisis every bit good as a solution for the disposal of waste stuffs.


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