Effects of World War 2

World War Two was a turning point in the world full of horrid stories but also effects for the greater good of the people on the home front. In all this, people can see all kinds of new information show up about this great and terrible war. During the time it took place the whole world was a powder keg, an economically impoverished tide pool with starving fish. The facts are that this war shows a great set of economic, geographical, and sociological effects for everyone involved.

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Preceding the war the whole of the western world was in a deep, dark, and hopeless depression. In the aftermath of the first World War, Germany was ultra-inflated due to the obligation of paying the huge reparations. Also, they had to pay for the setting up of an administration for the now separated Austro-Hungarian empire which was now Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary. To do this they made the poor decision of printing false mint to pay Europe off, thus rendering their money completely worthless.

Not knowing this Britain, France, Spain, and the Balkan countries paid for the repairs with worthless money and when all came to be common knowledge they realized they were millions in debt because of the counterfeit reparation. This left a German “Mark” 10,000 to a pre-war mark, people had to wheelbarrow money to the store to get bread or milk and the lines were far out of the door. People were starving and no one could help, most resorted to growing their own food in “victory gardens.

Things in America weren’t much better either during the Roaring twenties people were finding a lot of luck in stock, new inventions like the phone were coming out and past “blue chip companies” were expanding. People were just now discovering that they could make a lot of money in the stock market and they all dove in head first and started allocating large portions of their savings. Most cases the blue chip companies failed erasing people’s savings but soon there was so much activity it was overwhelmed.

When banks began failing peoples entire accounts were erased because there was no regulation, they lost everything they owned because the money was not refundable. After World war two started, the bustling industries of America were all but growing at an exponential rate. The attack on pearl harbor created a wave of morale in America that caused civillians to create factories practically within months. The growth industry pulled America out of the depression and brought us back to our former glory.


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