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Dear Huck,
I have been asked by this doctor that is treating me in hospital to write a letter to a character out of my favourite book, since I do not have a favourite goddam book I have decided to write my letter to you as I have always admired you ever since reading Huckleberry Finn at school as an English assignment.
Anyway I suppose I should really tell you why I’m writing this phony letter and what use it has. I had a ‘minor breakdown’ a couple of months ago around Christmas time and ever since then I have been in this hospital where they are meant to be getting me back to how I was before this whole mess. To be quite honest with you I feel fine like exactly how I’ve felt all my life, but still, I’ve been locked away in this goddam hospital. Honestly it is the same thing every day. I sit in my tiny white room all day every day, there is a mirror on one of the walls I think that this is one of those mirrors you see in crime programmes; you know where the police look in to a room and watch what is happening. So I’m pretty much being watched all the time by these phony doctors that think they can help me, when there is nothing wrong with me. The room I’m in reminds me sort of this hotel room I stayed in, in New York, it wasn’t too fancy, well actually it was pretty dia but I didn’t spend that much time in there so it didn’t really matter about the crap conditions. Yeah sure I got ill but I am fine now. I can leave the room. The door is always unlocked but I don’t see why, if I did up and decide to leave then I’d have to talk with all the other people that are in this hospital and believe me, they have nothing to say for themselves. They really don’t.
I got thinking about you the other day Huck, I was just thinking how easy your life was and how I wished so much to be like you. Yeah things with your dad were bad an’all but then you had the whole world to explore, it’s like that saying the world is your oyster, I never understood that…

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