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Week One

            The writing skills attended to on the first week show a somewhat tell-tale style, wherein the writers were given the opportunity express their creativity. In terms of format, all three styles follow a sequence of events. However, narration is mainly focused on recounting what has happened. Exemplification, on the other hand, was a style of writing centered on the sharing of ideas for a particular topic. In this manner, the style of writing has been given leniency, but may still be confusing for some.

             Throughout the week, I noticed how much focus was given on argumentation style. I learned how the simple details included in papers could alter the thought in the paper. As the name implies, the argumentation style gives both writers and readers an opportunity to see beyond what is being deemed from them. In so doing, the reasoning skills are honed, and much were given in the solution of problems.

Week Two

            For the second week of classes, much importance were given for Process Analysis and Cause and Effect Analysis. The first part was a combination of following a process while giving much detail into information. The Cause and Effect Analysis, on the other hand, digs deeper into what was the reason and the origin of certain ideologies. As writers, we were given the privilege to do our own research, and at the same time conduct analyses of our work. Through these simple tasks, we were able to learn more on the technical details deemed from each paper.



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