Color scheme kitchen

The color scheme (kitchen 1) is kept simple yet elegant, keeping a modern look in mind. White portrays hygiene and cleanness; it also depicts efficiency and elegance making it perfect for a kitchen design. The scheme is balanced throughout, using pattern, harmony and shapes. White is not an easy color to handle, therefore grey, wood colors and shades of white are used  to overcome the coldness too much white gives you. The light through the glass window is used to enhance the whole design, throughout the day creating different moods at different times. It also keeps the space refreshing throughout the daily routine in the kitchen.

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In this color scheme (kitchen 6) the space is visually divided into two parts through colors yet keeping the relevance in whole. This color scheme, having repetitive use of the brown in different shades and tints, is balanced with the use of shapes, lighter and more elegant colors giving the whole space a warm and welcoming look. The use of different colored patterns and the element of surprise complete the space and color scheme.  With the use of bold colors the overall harmony of the space is maintained as well.

This color scheme (kitchen 7) is a combination that uses shades of brown and white with occasional use of black and grey. Another modern design with great aesthetic sense achieved through glares. With the balanced use of colors, the design is perfect for an enclosed space having no large windows.  Brown gives you earthy warmth of reliability and support, and when used with white or the neutralizer; grey, it would not lack sophistication. The use of white on walls, the ceiling and even on the floor creates a very roomy look, while the lighting enhances it giving an energetic feel while working in the kitchen.

Your kitchen describes what you are, how are you coping with fashion? Do you love the green environment and nature? and your taste. Every day of our life brings us something new, and every night we sleep with different thoughts on mind. No matter what your mood was at the time u went to bed, when u walk into your kitchen in the morning, these color schemes would heal you instantly. Walking into the kitchen the bright light and the serenity of the place giving you a warm welcome get you ready for the day ahead. The harmony of these color schemes is soothing, and creates an environment of ease and coziness. Kitchen is a place where you get to spend time with your family every day.  A place where you might have breakfast with your children before they rush to school, or would like to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with your spouse,  you might want to invite a friend or your sister for gossip over a cup of tea. These color schemes portray elegance, strength and warmth, with the use of flowers and plants, defining you as someone who is strong, responsible and humorous. A person who has an exquisite taste, love for nature and beauty.



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