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Cohabitation is the event in which people live together at the same place in an emotionally and physically intimate relationship. Generally, the term Cohabitation is applied to the couple living together without marriage.

14 (a) Pros and Cons of Cohabitation:

·         Cohabitation helps you know a person better.
·         Excitement to getting married can be lost.
·         Cohabitation can help check the compatibility in the life styles of the people before the actually end up in a marriage.
·         Reluctance to commitment of marriage can increase with arguments on the need to marry when things are going well without marriage.
·         One can spend more time with person they love. The travelling time can be saved along with financial saving like the mobile and fuel bills.
·         Sometimes spending too much time together can result in lack of personal space for each of the member.
·         Cohabitation is also helpful in knowing if the person you are living with is responsible in nature. Bill payments are the major way people can show responsibility.
·         Living together does not mean that you can know everything about a person. Knowing everything depends on the honesty in the relationship and not the living together.
·         A person learns to adjust on small issues like the lights while sleeping etc.
·         Sometimes socially questionable.

Functionalism: The Cohabitation is more of a trial period before marriage. So the functioning of cohabitation is initially based on the desire to make things work for the marriage. By living together with a person one wants to marry, you get to know the living habits of the other person. You can test your compatibility with the other’s living habits and judge if you can adjust with those habits. In this way a person believes that he/she can achieve a better partner.

System: Cohabitation is mostly seen in the Western part of the world. Even in U.S.A., there are some states where cohabitation is criminalized like Virginia, Florida, North Dakota and Michigan. Even then in 2005, the U.S. Census Bureau reported 4.85 million cohabiting couples. This shows the increasing trends of cohabitation among the younger generation. In Middle East and some part of Asia, cohabitation is still illegal. Whereas, in Europe the cohabitation is normally seen in the 25 to 34 years age group.

Symbolic Interactions: The cohabitation is generally expresses as the trail period of a marriage. This is similar to the software that we buy. We always have the mentality to first try out the trial version of the software before actually buying it. And once we are satisfied with the trail version, we then go forward to buy that software. Cohabitation is similar to this trail version of the software, where the compatibility is tested before ending up in a marriage.



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