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CLUB IT is night club that is managed by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. It’s a core musical club and live bands ad DJ’s are hired for playing music. Proper ambience is created by them through high ceilings and high energy lighting. All the financial records and management related issues are dealt by both of them and they are interested in managing their information technology needs in an efficient and an effective way.

Mission and primary clientele

Their mission revolves around the idea that they offer live music, DJ’s, dance floor and refreshment with respect to your life style. The prices depict that their primary clientele is the middle class people. Their primary clientele includes people with ages 15-45. The core idea of their night club is to offer services that are aligned with the target markets life style.

CLUB IT’s Information resources

Club IT has developed a proper intranet resource which includes the user id and password of the employees to access the portal of employees. The IT department has an extensive role to play in the proper functioning of the portal. When an employee logon to the portal its necessary information like name, wages, bonuses, contact numbers is displayed and the employee can easily check that what was his/her bonus and what’s the total salary he/she would receive. The IT department has to update the portal on continuous basis and they have to counter check the formulas when they are calculating the bonuses and daily working hours of the employees.

Besides the portal an ordering form is maintain by the IT department in which total quantities order is maintained with the name of suppliers. A sales form and a budget form are maintained online on the website through which the company can easily identify their costs and their sales.

IT department is an integral part of every organization whether its large in operations or not (Rainer, 2008). Detailed information must be developed by the IT department of Club IT which would include the financial statement like cash flow statements, income statement and balance sheet. These statement must be online and only finance department an access them through their user id and password.

The IT department must develop a system is which customers would give their comments both online and offline. When the customers are not online they can access the computer systems of club IT to give their comments about services, quality of food etc. These comments must be placed on the Club’s website and employee’s and management of the organization evaluate them.

Strategies for competitive advantage

There are different strategies to attain competitive advantage like cost leadership, customer orientation, differentiation, operational effectiveness. The best possible strategy in this scenario is the cost leadership approach. The cost leadership strategy describes the phenomenon of lowering the cost with respect to other players in the market. Being a cost leader and gaining competitive advantage through this strategy can be very advantageous in the long run. Company has to achieve economies of scale through this strategy.

In today’s world people are becoming price sensitive, especially on items that are treated as luxurious or they are related to the entertainment arena. Therefore, lowering the cost of operations and retaining lower margins on offered items would attract more customers as the prices of Club IT would be lower than other players in the market.

In order to pursue this strategy Club IT would need in-depth financial analysis and all the information related to buying, selling items. Moreover, competitor’s price is a must for properly implementing this strategy. Prices of all the major competitors of all the products must be recorded and then they should be compared with the prices of Club IT. Other information includes the number of employees, effectiveness of suppliers and target markets of the competitors.


Thus, we can conclude that information is an integral part of every organization and every organization must fulfill all the information needs in order to achieve competitive advantage. Managing proper databases, storing and retrieving data in an efficient and an effective manner can be beneficial for Club IT in both short and the long run. An industry can be transformed just by effectively managing the information needs and strategic objectives of an organization can easily be attained if its information resources are managed effectively.

Rainer, R. (2008). Introduction to Information Systems: Enabling and Transforming Business . John Wiley & Sons Inc.



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