ACLC Enlistment System Essay

This Enlistment System will do the registration procedure faster since ACLC takes a batch more clip to complete for the registration. This system will assist the college lessen the clip spent for the listing of the topics. It prompts the user for the username and watchword for a secure login. ACLC Enlistment System will let the authorised individual to seek. position. add. update and drop the record of the old and new pupils every bit good as their corresponding topics enrolled. In this system the authorised individual will besides be able to see the list of the pupils and agendas offered for the certain old ages in which the authorized individual will merely traveling to take the topic and schedules what the pupil wants to inscribe in. The system uses database. so it means the information will be kept unless it was deleted deliberately.

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The database used in this system is MySql Database so that it can easy be accessed. Merely and merely the authorised forces will be able to entree the system. It will besides automatically shut the agendas when it reached the maximal bound of the pupils enrolled. The system has a few chief maps. The user will be able to input the topics and the corresponding figure of units. input the agendas and assigned suites and delete topics. In footings of functional specification. the authorised user can utilize all of the System’s functionality. The system will inquire the user to log in one time it is opened and will demo a pilotage bill of fare that makes you to take either Old Student or New Student. The related maps that the user can be used are those stated below: Old Student:


If you have some things to clear up sing the topics and agendas that the pupil enrolled. this map will let the user to seek the record of the pupil utilizing the pupil figure.


This map allows the user to see all records of the certain pupil by seeking their pupil figure.


To add the topics with the corresponding agendas that the pupil wants to inscribe in.

Update the current alterations that the user made as requested by the pupils.
Deletes the topics enrolled.
New Student:
Add the records of the new pupil.

2. 2. Beginning of Related Literature and Studies that Supports

This chapter present the literatures related to the proposed system for AMA Computer Learning Center San Francisco. These will be the footing doing the proposed system. The Related Literature that we use in the Enlistment System for AMA Computer Learning Center is utile in the sense of maps and characteristics that the registration system has. The relationship in every sample brings us a good realisation of the whole system.


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